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About Stevens Transport

About Stevens Transport

  • Largest refrigerated trucking company in Texas
  • Top 4 largest temperature-controlled carriers in the United States
  • Consistently recognized by our customers for an unparalleled on-time service record
  • Never had a layoff in the history of the company
  • Industry leader in miles per load
  • Unrivaled equipment: Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Freightliner
  • Family owned and operated extremely stable and reputable company
  • Best training, equipment, technology, and the most stable freight in the industry
  • Exceptional benefits, bonuses, facilities, and people

Stevens Transport Customers

Stevens Transport services many of the foremost food distributors in the world. With a customer directory containing numerous Fortune 500 companies, Stevens Transport is poised to remain atop the supply chain logistics arena for several decades to come. Our unmatched reputation for premier service continuously allows us to run countless trips and miles, 365 days a year.

Stevens Transport Services

When it comes to over the road refrigerated truckload carriers, no other company in North America can boast the same outstanding reputation for premier service, responsiveness, and sustainability that Stevens Transport upholds.

Whether your company needs intermodal, international, or expedited transportation services, Stevens Transport can service you with the most advanced systems in the industry to guarantee substantial coverage, capacity, and flexibility to suit your every business demand.

Advantages of Truckload Services

  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Enhance on-time delivery service
  • Reduce liability
  • Redirect capital back into your core business model

Advantages of Dedicated Services

  • Maintain guaranteed consistent year-round capacity and service
  • Dynamic route optimization systems reduce costs
  • Back-haul programs optimize the effective positioning of assets
  • Revenue share programs maximize utilization and save money for the customer
  • Premium supply chain value with industry-leading support and resources

Advantages of Intermodal Services

  • Reduce costs with dynamic route optimization systems
  • Unparalleled capacity to meet seasonal demands and surges
  • Maximize efficiency with greater options for capacity and service
  • Trust our proven track record and unwavering commitment to top quality freight management

Advantages of International Services

  • Multi-lingual logistics experts work on each side of the border
  • C-TPAT Certification (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) safeguards against unwanted activity to the customer’s freight
  • Innovative Transloading Service increases capacity and shipping opportunities
  • Partnerships with international authorities expedite transportation across all borders


Stevens Transport’s award-winning service and reputation continues to deliver its customers with the infinite resources and expertise to achieve immaculate success and profitability.