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Letter From The CEO

As founder and CEO of Stevens Transport, I have always believed that “people are the heart of any organization.”  Based on this premise, our mission is to hire and retain top-quality employees, provide them with the finest tools and technologies available, and challenge them to meet and exceed the highest standards of performance. This people-oriented philosophy fosters a company-wide pride in our shared work of being one of the largest and most successful trucking and full-service logistics enterprises internationally.  It also animates our forward thinking, technology-driven mindset.  Because we have acquired the resources, experience, skills, and initiative necessary to be proactive problem-solvers for our customers, we have transformed our client relationships into true partnerships. In 1980, we laid the groundwork and drew up the blueprints for a truly exceptional North American transportation logistics provider.  Today, we are one of the largest privately held refrigerated carriers in the United States.  Tomorrow and beyond, we will continue our commitment to leading our space by providing the most reliable, competitive, and responsive services available to suite all of your business needs.


Steven L. Aaron