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Stevens Transport Total Logistics

The North American Logistics Leader: Satisfying Our Customer’s Demands

As one of North America’s consummate asset-based logistics providers, Stevens Transport will efficiently handle of all your transportation needs so that you can focus on what you do best.  Our full-service logistics management team will revolutionize your supply chain division by employing a multitude of logistics services to satisfy all of your demands:
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Domestic, Multimodal, and International Distribution
  • Flexible Capacity Coverage
  • Extensive Brokerage Capabilities
  • Award-Winning Customer Service and Support

Going the Extra Mile

Established to service our customers’ specific logistics necessities, Stevens Transport’s Total Logistics division operates 11 strategically located service offices across North America. By entrusting your logistics management operations with Stevens Transport, your company will enjoy:
  • Enhanced flexibility to handle erratic truck capacity demands due to varying seasons
  • Ease of outsourcing your specific fleet operations to one of North America’s premier logistics providers
  • Freedom to concentrate on your core business matters