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Make More Money Truck Driving

Make More Money Truck Driving

Welcome to Stevens Transport Gateway to Success—a premier program tailored to the needs and expectations of top quality professional drivers. We offer you a stable work environment coupled with financial security. Our drivers make more money truck driving and enjoy an excellent and generous pay package, which rewards you for your experience and your productivity.

Why do Stevens Transport drivers earn more money?

Drivers are paid based on the number of miles driven. Stevens has the longest length of haul in the industry with routes across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. That gives our drivers one of the highest miles-per-driver averages in the industry. While other drivers stop more frequently– eating up their daily hours of service with multiple stops that cut into their pockets– Stevens drivers are on the highway racking up the miles. Plus, our compensation package includes generous bonus programs that increase your income.

  • Monthly Performance Bonus Program
  • Attainable Monthly Fuel Bonus Program
  • Load/Unload Pay
  • Extra Pickup/Stop Pay
  • Fuel Card and Liberal Expense Advances

Stevens Transport has never had a lay-off in the history of the company

Stevens has the highest miles-per-driver average in the country

Want to make even more money?

Earn An Extra $10,000 to $15,000 per Year. After a year of qualifying service as an OTR driver, you can become a Stevens Certified Trainer. You’ll not only be given the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life but also be paid well while doing it. Trainers receive a weekly training bonus plus all the pay miles that the truck runs as a team. The Sky is the Limit. Many drivers find that they can make substantially more money by leasing or buying their own truck or trucks and then driving for Stevens as a subcontractor. Stevens will give you all the business you can handle to make your business a success. Plus, we’ll make it very easy for you to start your own business through our very attractive “no money down,” “no credit check” Alliance Leasing and Truck Purchase Assistance programs.