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Stevens Transport Logistics Management

Let us be your Sales Team! Stevens Transport TL has evolved into one of North America’s most highly reputable and widely recognized asset
based logistics providers

The north american logistics management leader

As the nation’s leading asset-based logistics management provider, we take care of all your transportation needs so that you can focus on what
you do best. Our full-service logistics management team will transform your transportation division by showing you how to save money, execute
with precision, increase your service levels, and operate with prime efficiency as a result of our logistics management services.

Covering your every need

Our highly-trained, experienced logistics experts will anticipate your needs, supply trucks towards demand, book inbound and outbound freight,
and employ a host of logistics services to meet your every need. Our logistics management team can cover the needs of Transportation
Management, Supply Chain Management, Multimodal, Domestic, and International Distribution, Flexible Capacity Coverage, and Extensive
Brokerage Capabilities.

Going the extra mile

Created to service our customers’ every logistics need, Stevens Transport’s Total Logistics management division operates 16 strategically located
service centers throughout North America. By trusting your asset-based logistics management to us, your company will enjoy: premier customer
service and drive support, added flexibility to handle incremental truck capacity demands due to seasonal spikes, the ease of outsourcing your
specific fleet operations, and the freedom to concentrate on your core business.