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Stevens Transport Logistics FAQs


Q: How do I become a Stevens Transport TL partner?

Download and fill out the carrier packet and fax it back to 214-647-3940 with your insurance, W-9, and operating authority. 2016 New Carrier Packet


Q: How do I verify the status of my registration?

After you submit the necessary items: carrier packet, insurance, W-9, and operating authority, please call 866-551-0337 to confirm that your registration is complete.


Q: How do I seek freight opportunities from Stevens Transport TL?

Please see our Terminal Directory to find a logistics office nearest or reach the Dallas office: Cindy White

Main: 866-551-0337 (ext. 1244)

Local: 214-647-3953

Fax: 972-285-9976

Afterhours: 800-806-4917 (Option 2)


Q: Does Stevens Transport TL offer fuel advances?

Fuel advances are offered after 3 successful on-time delivery loads. Fuel advances cannot exceed 40% of the negotiated load amount.


Q: Does Stevens Transport TL pay for unloading charges?

Unloading charges must be pre-approved by the brokerage office that you booked your load with. Accessorial charges will be settled once the load has been invoiced by your company.


Q: What types of freight does Stevens Transport TL have?

Stevens Transport TL hauls a variety of refrigerated, frozen and dry commodities across the continental United States and Canada. Most of our freight requires 53 foot trailers, but we utilize 48 foot trailers on a case-by-case basis. Please confirm your trailer size with the brokerage office that you booked your load with.


Q: How long does it take to get paid on a load that we haul for Stevens Transport TL?

Submit original paper work to:

Stevens Transport TL
ATTN: Accounts Payable
P.O. Box 279010
Dallas, Texas 75227

Original paperwork must include:

  • Bills of lading for all stops signed by the receiver with the seal intact and stamped
  • Lumper receipts and all delivery receipts
  • No balance dues are accepted after the carrier has been paid


  • Submit completed paperwork before to 15:00 CST on Friday and receive full compensation by the following Thursday
  • Stevens Transport TL will always compensate its partners 7-10 days from the confirmed date of delivery

Quick Pay Program:

  • Call 214-647-5128 to receive compensation within 48 business hours of emptying your trailer.


Q: What do I do if I have a load that has a claim on it?

If you deliver a load for Stevens Transport TL and there are overages, shortages or damages, you must contact the office that contracted you to haul the load for disposition. Failure to do so will result in your invoice being held until the matter is cleared up.


Q: What about detention pay?

Detention pay is offered after 2 hours (as long as you are on time for loading or unloading) and it must be documented in your paperwork when the customer pays off the in and out times on the bills. Stevens Transport TL offers $25 per hour after free time (for up to 10 hours). After 10 hours, the detention pay becomes layover pay at $250 per day. Failure to report delays at the shipper or receiver will result in short detention pay and we will involve the customer and inform them of the delays for authorization.