Celebrate with us our 2016 Driver, Trainer and Team Drivers of the Year. These drivers represent Stevens Certified Best and honor the company by their commitment, skill, dedication and safety. It’s TRUCKERS like these that enhance not only the image of STEVENS AS A company, but also the image of the entire TRUCKING industry. THESE CDL DRIVERS are role models for rookie and veteran drivers alike. We could not be more proud of them and want to say THANK YOU for all they do.


Stevens Driver of the Year Winners

1st Place Company Driver:

Kenneth Williams 

Truck 14545. Hired 11/2011 
Kenneth lives in Houston, TX. and has been married for 38 years. He has one daughter and three sons as well as nine beautiful grandkids. He enjoys sports and spends his time off with his grandkids. Kenneth is a trucker because of his love for beautiful scenery. He didn’t expect to win this award, but it means the world to him. His Driver Manager is Lawrong Conley.

2nd Place Company Driver:

Willie Milner

Truck 14303. Hired 5/2010
Willie lives in Arlington, TX. and has one son & three grandchildren. He enjoys relaxing, fishing and spending time with his grandchildren. He loves the freedom of trucking. Winning this award means a lot to him because it says he has accomplished a great deal rather than just running up and down the highways. He appreciates being recognized. His Driver Manager is Andre Hancock.

3rd Place Company Driver:

Yovann Almonte-Rodriguez

Truck 14144. Hired 9/2015
Yovann lives in Tampa, FL. and is married with one daughter. Yovann also enjoys spending time with his family when on time-off. He enjoys driving a truck because of the freedom and is very shocked and grateful that he won this award. His Driver Manager is Steve Lewis.


Stevens 2016 Trainer Award Winners1st Place Company Trainer:

Ronald “Doug” Castle

Truck 14336. Hired 9/2014
Doug lives in Tucson, AZ. He has been married for five years with a dog named Bower and a cat named Felix. Doug loves spending time with his wife, traveling and going to the movies.  He is a truck driver because of his love for traveling and seeing the country. He is very excited on winning this award and says it feels good to know he is getting noticed for the job he does. His Driver Manager is Ben Davis.

Runner Up Company Trainer:

Ed Johnson

Truck 14639, Hired 5/2012
Ed lives in Bedford TX. and is married with two children. He used to be a volunteer fireman and enjoys hanging out at his local fire station when he is not driving. The reason he drives a truck is because he enjoys traveling and “being his own boss”. Winning this award means a lot to him knowing that he was recognized for doing his job. He plans on winning 1st Place next year. His Driver Manager is Red Sanderson.

1st Place Contract Trainer:

Timothy Spratling

Truck 31052
Timothy lives in Dallas, TX. His hobbies are playing basketball and shooting pool. He likes to shop and relax when not driving. He enjoys driving a truck because of the freedom and ability to see the nation. Timothy appreciates winning this award and recognition but he loves training others and being successful even if no one noticed. He is glad to be a part of the Stevens family. His Driver Manager is John Norris.

Runner Up Contract Trainer:

Frank Szabo Jr

Truck 31037, hired 3/204
Frank lives in Dallas, TX. and is married with two children and two grandchildren. His hobbies are teaching boy’s sports and bowling. He enjoys spending time with family on his time off. Trucking has given him the opportunity to be debt free. Winning this award has given him a sense of pride of his accomplishments and validates his decision to become a trainer. His Driver Manager is James McGrew.


Stevens 2016 Team Drivers of the Year Awards

1st Place Team of the Year:

David & Rita Marek

Truck 31046, Hired 5/2010. Rita joined him 8/2014.
David and Rita live in Birch Run, MI. They have two children and two grandchildren. David likes woodworking and framing. They enjoy relaxing and spending time with family on their home time.  Both are very excited about winning this award and plan to continue driving because of the freedom. Their Driver Manager is Johnny Cox.

Runner Up Team of the Year:

Jimmie & Ann Lewis

Truck 31101, Hired 6/2010
Jim and Ann live in Winnsboro, TX. on a farm they recently purchased. They have been married 21 years with five kids, two grandsons and two god children they love dearly. They purchased their farm because of their love for hunting, fishing and camping. On their time off they ride their Harley and enjoy their hobbies. What do they love about driving? Everything! They get to see the country, have adventures, enjoy freedom and make good money. They are excited and overcome with joy on winning this award. It’s their goal each day to do the best job and be successful. Jim and Ann are proud to be a part of the Stevens Family. Their Driver Manager is John Norris.
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