Stevens November Driver Awards

Stevens Certified Best DriversStevens Certified Best Drivers

November award winners

John Scott Cavender
1st Place Trainer of the Month
Has been with Stevens since 2012
Driver Manager-Johnny Cox
Truck# 2281
John lives in Rowlett with his wife and two children. When he gets home, his favorite thing to do is simply relax.

Ross Asbill
Runner Up Trainer of the Month
Has been with Stevens since 2010
Driver Manager-John Norris
Truck# 32184
Ross is married with a 21 year old daughter living in Clayton, NC. He loves bowling and computers, but mostly looks forward to relaxing on the beach.

Marcus Kyle Lawson
1st Place Company Driver
Has been with Stevens since 2003
Driver Manager-Raymond Perry
Truck# 13289
Marcus is happily married in Jacksonville Beach, FL with his wife. He has a son and grandson. He is very proud that his son is in the Army and loves being around family. 

Ronald Thompson
Runner Up Company Driver
Has been with Stevens since 2001
Driver Manager-Kevin Navejar
Truck# 14538
Ron lives in Athens, TX and enjoys playing sports with his two sons. He loves being a driver because of the freedom as well as the chance to see the country.

Will Harrison II
1st Place Contractor of the Month
Has been with Stevens since 2015
Driver Manager-James McGrew
Truck# 30589
Will lives in Robertsdale, AL with his wife and has 3 children and 5 grandchildren. He loves to fish and just be with his family. He also loves to see the country as a driver.

William “Bill” Harrison
Runner Up Contractor of the Month
Has been with Stevens since March 2014
Driver Manager-John Norris
Truck# 30495
Bill loves seeing the country with his son who rides with him. It didn’t take him but 6 months after becoming a Stevens driver to realize being a contract driver would give him the freedom and finances he desired.

Sterling Woods
1st Place Owner Operator
Has been with Stevens since 2009
Driver Manager-John Norris
Truck# 2260
Sterling has 3 grown children and 1 granddaughter and lives in LA. He loves sports, entertainment and being a contract driver because of the opportunities it affords him.

Christopher Dykowski and Christopher Cooper
1st Place Team Drivers
Both have been with Stevens since 2015
Driver Manager-Kevin Navejar
Truck# 14447
Dykowski is from Killeen and Cooper is from Ft Worth. They both love spending time with family on their time off. What attracted them to driving was the freedom as well as the money they could make for their families.

Craig Herd
1st Place Grad Driver
Has been with Stevens since September 2016
Driver Manager-Michelle Haught
Truck# 32230
Craig thrives on adventure. If he is not outdoors, he is traveling the country in his truck. He lives in Pine Bluffs, WY with his wife and 4 kids.

Drake Gross
Runner Up Grad Driver
Has been with Stevens since August 2016
Driver Manager-Craig Guerrero
Truck# 12945
Drake lives in Maryville, TN and enjoys going to the shooting range and working on cars. He became a driver in order to see the country.

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