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Stevens Transport’s King DRodge Keeps It Real

Truck Driver & YouTube Video Producer

King DRodge is the handle of Stevens Transport’s driver David Rodgers. When David became a truck driver with Stevens Transport, he knew it might be a challenge to stay in touch with his family and friends and share the places he was experiencing in his new truck driving career. We sat down with him to ask why he started posting his videos on YouTube and learn about the motivation behind it. King DRodge explained that he was fed up with the negative, anger rant videos he was seeing so frequently from truck drivers. David’s own experience led him to focus on the better side of trucking. He wants to share with those new to truck diving that it’s possible to “be happy, enjoy a trucking job, and live a great life.”

“Chooses To Be Happy”

As King DRodge likes to say in his videos, he “chooses to be happy.” There’s negative in everything, but as he puts it “if you focus on the positive and handle the negative, he feels, life will be great.” For visitors to his channel, he says be prepared to “motivated, happy, inspired and a go-getter.” And we might add, entertained as well. King DRodge’s infectious smile and positive attitude have led to his success with Stevens Transport. The honest, straightforward approach of his videos help show new truck drivers the value of what he likes to call the “OTR life:” by being committed, giving your best effort, and making the most of every opportunity.

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