Image of group of people, Roy Dulaney holding Million Miler award

1 Million Miles & 10 Years with Stevens Transport

Roy Dulaney gives advice to new truck drivers.

Roy’s journey with Stevens started in 2006. As with any new job, it had its ups and downs and was a learning experience. He even wanted to quit a couple of times. But he learned early in life that perseverance pays off. This was no exception.

Roy tells new drivers that they will never forget leaving the yard for the first time. But more importantly, he warns them to never forget their training.

You aren’t expected to know everything right off, so ask questions. That’s what your trainer is there for.

– Roy Dulaney

He encourages them to roll with it and do their best for the company and for themselves.

Part of the whole experience of being a driver is taking advantage of being in a different place every day. Roy’s wife particularly enjoyed seeing the sites and even wild animals she had never seen before when she rode with Roy. They are amazed that they get to see the nation’s greatest wonders while being paid.

What Roy likes most about Stevens is their support. He knows that help is only a call away. And since safety is such a high priority, he can always send a Qualcom message when there is adverse weather and ride it out.

His plan is to continue driving for Stevens until he is able to retire. He can’t imagine driving for anyone else.

For more information on starting your driving career at Stevens, call 800-333-8595.

Published March 23, 2017