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The Stevens Transport podcast is an opportunity to educate, motivate and inspire our driving force while they are hard at work wherever they may be across the nation. We invite you to join us and our friend Trucker Tim on this great journey through the Stevens Transport community. You will hear round table discussions about new information that is affecting our industry. You will learn more about our new technology and equipment. You will get a look into our safety and operations departments, and the ways that they strive to help our drivers succeed. This podcast will also feature health and fitness tips while out on the road. We are very excited to also share entertaining stories from the road that our drivers submit to the show.

We may be traveling in different directions, but we are all part of one community at the Stevens Transport Roadside Radio Podcast. If you have any questions, tips, or stories from the road, we ask that you please email us at so that we can give you a call!

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4 Million Mile Trucking Legend, Frank Nagley, Shares Wisdom and Love for the Road
Frank Nagley is a stalwart figure in the trucking industry, having carved out an exceptional career as a long-haul driver. With an incredible 4 million miles under his belt, Frank’s experience is nothing short of extraordinary. He is a four-time Hall of Famer at Stevens Transport, one of the most prestigious recognitions within the company. His dedication to the road spans over three decades, reflecting his commitment to the profession. Additionally, Frank has played an instrumental role as a trainer for aspiring drivers, imparting vital knowledge and industry savoir-faire.
Trucker Tim Cicciarelli shines the spotlight on Frank Nagley, a seasoned and celebrated long-distance trucker whose tales of the tarmac are as expansive as the miles he’s covered. Frank, a four-time Hall of Famer at Stevens Transport, embodies the spirit of the open road with a career that exemplifies longevity, safety, and skill.
After transitioning from the restaurant business to trucking for what was initially meant to be a five-year stint, Frank found his true calling behind the wheel, with the freedom and independence of trucking getting into his blood. As he reflects on his 32-year tenure with Stevens Transport, he shares valuable insights from the importance of following policies for safety to embracing technological advancements that have revolutionized the industry. The episode delves into how Frank’s open-mindedness has allowed him to adapt and flourish even as times have changed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Frank Nagley’s trucking career highlights the value of independence and adaptability within the industry.
  • His tenure with Stevens Transport spans three decades, during which he has reached an astounding 4 million miles.
  • Frank emphasizes the importance of adhering to company policies and regulations for safe and successful driving.
  • Technological advancement in trucking, such as transitioning from paper logs to digital systems, is embraced and appreciated by Frank.
  • The discussion touches on how in-cab camera systems can serve as protection and training tools for drivers

Stevens Roundtable: The Secrets to Successful Produce Hauling: Insights From a West Coast Operations Manager
Join Trucker Tim as he interviews Jason Dinwiddie, West Coast Operations Manager at Stevens Transport. Jason discusses the challenges and strategies involved in hauling produce. With a focus on minimizing claims and providing exceptional customer service, Jason shares insights on temperature control, monitoring systems, and the importance of communication. Discover how the Stevens team ensures the safe transportation of time-sensitive produce, and gain valuable tips for drivers in the industry. Don’t miss this informative episode on the complexities of the produce transportation industry.

Inside the World of Specialized Customer Service: A Conversation with Alyson Garofalo
Alyson Garofalo, Manager of Customer Service and Special Projects, discusses her role in managing high-priority customers and special projects. She highlights the importance of building relationships with customers and maintaining open communication. Alyson also shares insights into the challenges of handling specialized commodities like meat, produce, and ice cream. The goals for her department in 2024 include improving processes and growing the business. Tune in to learn more about the crucial role of customer service in the transportation industry.

Driver Spotlight: Julian Gonzalez
After more than three years of hard work, Julian Gonzalez completed his lease and reflects on the determination it took to achieve his goals and become a successful independent contractor. Julian’s story highlights the importance of perseverance while acknowledging the vital role his mentor and support staff played in his success.
See the video here:

Tip of the Stevens Cap: Company Driver, Daniel Prescott
Congratulations to Daniel Prescott, incredible milestone accomplishment of reaching one million miles with Stevens Transport! An accomplished company driver since 2014, we are so excited to have Daniel as one of our newest inductees to the Stevens Transport Haul of Fame

Safety Tip of the Week From Stevens Safety Supervisor, Terrance D. Burgess
Trucker Tim shares a safety tip from Stevens Safety Supervisor, Terrence D. Burgess regarding traffic light violations, intersection accidents, and hard-braking events.

Trucker Song of the Week: Last of the Cowboys – Tony Justice
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