Image of Mark Harris holding 2 million mile award

Mark Harris is a 2 Million Miler

Mark Harris has been a member of our driving force for 15 years, and just celebrated reaching the two-million-mile mark in his career at Stevens Transport! Mark was drawn to the trucking industry by lay off in his previous line of work, but he is thankful, as it led him to a job where he is both passionate about his work, and very successful.

Mark takes a pro-active approach to driving, ensuring that he is always two steps ahead when it comes to safety, trip planning, communication with driver managers, shippers and receivers. This approach has helped Mark achieve things that he never thought he could as a driver. Mark now has his eyes set on reaching the three-million-mile mark, and with his plan to retire in the next eight years, Mark knows he is going to have to keep up the hard work to reach his next milestone!

When asked what has kept Mark at Stevens Transport for all these years, Mark said, “I’ve met a lot of good people here. I’ve had a lot of great driver managers, and I’ve gotten along very well with all them. I’ve been good to Stevens Transport, and they’ve been very good to me in return! This place is my second, and these people are my family.”

Outside of work, Mark can be found spending time at his cabin at the lake, his RV on the beach, or spending time at the bowling alley! Fun fact, Mark has successfully bowled 300, a perfect game of all strikes, with each hand.

Think that’s impressive? Mark has bowled 300 five times right-handed and fourteen times left-handed!

Published January 25, 2023