Image of Stevens Transport truck, close up

Trucker Drivers Can Eat Healthy

Tips for Truck Drivers On How To Eat healthy On The Road

Stevens Transport driver, Tom Kyrk, is passionate about a healthy driving lifestyle. He not only has a website dedicated to easy, nutritious recipes but also has his own driver’s cookbook.

Tom grew up around food and cooking which gave him a background of techniques. So when he started driving, he put them to good use. At first, his motivation was more of saving money. But as he started having health problems, he knew he needed to focus more on healthier meals that can easily be made on the truck.

He notes that the biggest challenge is when we eat comfort foods because of stress. “Finding another outlet for stress is key to not picking up those unhealthy snacks,” says Tom.

Because it takes around the same amount of time to fix a good meal on the truck as it does eating out, Tom feels that it’s really not an excuse. You can eat cheaper and healthier in possibly less time.

Cooking on a truck is not much different than cooking at home. There are a few resources that are great for ideas as well as execution. Tom’s website, is a great one. There are a few Facebook groups that can inspire you and help you eat healthier as well.

Published March 22, 2017