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Late Model & Fuel Efficient

Choose Stevens Transport and seize the opportunity to drive in the most prestigious, luxurious, and fuel efficient trucks on the road. Our power units have an average age of just 13 months in service. Stevens Transport’s advanced systems have revolutionized corporate communication, fuel management, and the tracking and monitoring of all business ventures. Stevens Transport continues to lead the trucking industry in the investment and utilization of the most advanced technologies available in order to reduce operating costs, ensure safety of our associates and the motoring public, and increase overall efficiency.

Streamlining Processes to Maximize Overall Efficiency

Utilizing the latest technologies available has allowed Stevens Transport to streamline processes in order to increase productivity and efficiency while consuming fewer resources. Cost reduction through increased dependency on technology has also provided Stevens Transport with enhanced flexibility to invest in the newest modern systems available today.

Technology Programs & Partnerships

Qualcomm Technology

  • Qualcomm’s most advanced mobile platform provides our drivers in-cab turn-by-turn voice navigation allowing driver to use the safest and fastest routes available
  • Performance monitoring with the Qualcomm’s fuel and trip manager allows our drivers the ability to earn larger profits and a monthly Energy Bonus
  • The built-in media manager provides Stevens’ drivers the ability to view interactive training videos on the road, keeping their skills razor sharp
  • The over-the-road assistance and information capabilities of the Qualcomm MCP200 unit are virtually limitless

Thermo King TriPac Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

  • Reduce unnecessary fuel consumption by over 85% while allowing the driver to rest in comfort
  • Comply with anti-idle laws and reduce pollution outputs
  • Allow drivers to run the A/C, heater, and small electronic appliances without borrowing energy from the truck – keeping drivers comfortable in climate changes year around
  • Reduce fuel expenses for the company and assist in helping all drivers earn their monthly Energy Bonus

Collision Mitigation Systems

  • Lane Departures
  • Roll Stability
  • Forward Collision Mitigation
  • Automated Manual Transmissions
  • Manual Transmissions

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  • Online communication database utilized 24 hours a day to improve customer correspondence and communication with our driving force

Thermo King OptiSet

  • Trailer monitoring solutions designed to ensure product quality and protection by utilizing optimal set points and reducing fuel expenses, allowing drivers to deliver commodities on time, intact, every time.

Manhattan Associates

  • Optimization software used to plan routes and provide strategic fueling solutions to maximize profits for our drivers

Weather Master Dispatch

  • Used to keep drivers informed of weather, traffic, and road hazards to avoid timely and costly delays

Web’n Transit

  • Designed to communicate real-time to our customers and driver partners
  • Drivers have the ability to view pay settlements 24 hours a day
  • Bypass designated weigh stations, port-of-entry facilities and agricultural
  • interdiction facilities to avoid any timely delays
  • Greater efficiency for shippers and improved safety for all highway users

PC Miler

  • The most intelligent truck routing and commercial mapping and mileage software in the industry used daily by Driver Managers to safely and effectively guide drivers around the country

Mitel IP Telephone

  • Enhanced telephone service expedites driver and customer communication

EZ Pass and PrePass

  • Allows drivers to bypass tolls and weigh stations – keeping your wheels turning and earning profits


  • The ease of scanning bills of lading from any truck stop in the country provides our drivers the convenience of expedited compensation

Front Disc Brakes

  • Stevens Transport recently added front disc brakes to all tractors, allowing for increased stopping power, reduced brake fades, and elevated temperature loads.