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23 Years Defending America, Now Exploring It

Touring America as a Stevens Transport truck driver

Brian Bradley is taking advantage of a special military program called Operation Patriot. This program allowed him to get his CDL on duty at Fort Hood as well as qualify for other special incentives. Brian was a bomb technician in the military with a degree in criminal justice. He is now touring America as a driver for Stevens and taking advantage of every place he visits. Brain says, “I spent 23 years defending the country, now it’s time to see it.” Driving has also been very therapeutic for him.

Brian rarely goes to truck stops because he would rather spend his time camping, hiking, biking, or skiing. He recently enjoyed a day of snowboarding while waiting for a load in Colorado. He even received layover pay for it. Brian had a great time, but he said he was pretty sore the next day.

Brian has been with Stevens since November 2015. His driver manager is John Norris. Brian has a wife and two kids. He is especially proud that his daughter will soon be joining the Air Force. Since family is important to Brian, he is thankful it is also important to Stevens.

For more information on how you can take advantage of our special military program, Operation Patriot, call 800-333-8595 or email

Published February 8, 2017