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Ambitious Driver Becomes Independent Contractor

Truck Driver, Business Owner, and Driver Trainer

“Stevens has shown me that I can be successful as an Independent Contractor.”

Congratulations to Deshaun Kuykendall who completed his one-year lease and received a lease completion bonus of over $4,700! “I am feeling very accomplished! This lease completion would not have been possible without my strong belief system and my self-motivation to be better than I was the day before. With every delivery, I work hard and know that I help complete the Stevens mission every day!”

Deshaun was seeking a change in career and promised that his next career would bring him excitement and new adventures every day, while also having the opportunity to be a business owner. After much research, Deshaun discovered the transportation industry and Stevens and knew he found his new home.

Attending CDL Training in Dallas

Deshaun attended CDL training at Stevens Driving Academy in Dallas, TX, and enjoyed his experience very much. “The instructors were very knowledgeable and very supportive. I was also able to receive individual time with the instructors who helped me gain very valuable progress.”

After graduating with his CDL, Deshaun attended orientation at Stevens’ headquarters in Dallas, TX and completed his over-the-road (OTR) training with his trainer. After graduating, Deshaun made the decision to open his own Independent Business with the assistance of Stevens’ Contractor Division.

I have my own independent business on the side and was very intrigued when I heard about this opportunity. I have had a very wonderful experience and that experience has had a positive impact on my business!

– Deshaun Kuykendall

Becoming a Driver Trainer

Speaking of opportunities, Deshaun has also taken advantage of the other opportunities that Stevens offers their drivers, including becoming a Driver Trainer. “I wanted to become a trainer because our new generation of drivers deserves to have a positive experience, and I want to make sure that they will be successful solo drivers.”

Deshaun’s Driver Manager, Chris Nelson, spoke highly of his driver’s success. “Deshaun is a very motivated individual who will stop at nothing to complete each day successfully. He is also an amazing trainer, and all of his students are very thankful for their experience with him. I am very happy to have him on my fleet!”

Ambition to Start Own Fleet

Looking to the future, Deshaun has signed his second lease and is thinking about starting his own fleet. “Stevens has shown me that I can be successful as an Independent Contractor, and I am always looking to explore new opportunities. I know that with the support of everyone at Stevens, I will have as much, if not more, success in that new adventure.”

When Deshaun is not delivering loads across the country, he enjoys spending time vacationing across the country, especially in Las Vegas, and promoting multiple music artists in Houston, Atlanta, and Las Vegas.

Congratulations on all of your success, Deshaun, and we cannot wait to see what you will accomplish next!
Published November 27, 2019