Image of Ekson Dihson holding large check

Driver Spotlight: Ekson Dihson

Hunger For Success Fuels Driver

Originally from Guam, Ekson Dihson was accustomed to a much smaller environment than the one he now claims as his driving territory. With a hunger for success, Ekson is making his dreams possible by fueling forward. He recently received an $11,892.96 lease completion bonus check and is ready for his next adventure!

Ekson attended Truck Driver Institute in Sanford, FL to receive his CDL before joining our company. When he first joined the training program, he recalls being afraid because he was brand new to the industry, receiving his CDL, and about to be out on the open road with complete freedom. Coming from such a small area like Guam, everything around him seemed huge! But, just like the reason he became a truck driver, Ekson loved a challenge and used his hunger to drive him to his next destiny.

Before becoming a truck driver, Ekson spent some time in the military and worked in the construction industry. His hunger for knowledge kept him moving from role to role as he expanded his skillsets and he hardly stayed in a position for longer than a year. Ekson joined the industry to make a difference and help people by moving the products that they rely on. Through that goal, he developed a passion for driving and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Stevens Transport is the first and only company that has kept Ekson a loyal employee for over 5 years now and we are so thankful to have him!

When asked what advice he would offer to new drivers or those considering joining the industry for the first time, he states:

When you do a job, look at what you’re doing and LEARN. If you just go go go, you won’t learn anything. Be patient.

– Ekson Dihson

In his free time, Ekson has a passion for cooking and it comes naturally to him. He also enjoys reading (and always has a book with him), running and spearfishing. One of his favorite memories was driving to Aurora, Nebraska, and seeing the historical buildings. Ekson can be found spearfishing in the areas he stops to rest frequently and – because he loves helping others – even donates the fish to individuals who are in the area to provide them with a yummy, surprising dinner!

Congratulations, Ekson! We are behind you every mile!

Published February 21, 2018