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Driver Spotlight: Kevin Bowers

Driver Committed To Stevens Transport

Celebrating 4,834 Reasons To Enjoy Trucking

Kevin Bowers received his CDL training at Stevens Driving Academy in Dallas, TX. Kevin was instantly hooked on his new career and his new company. He attributes his success to his family, but most importantly, his love for Stevens Transport. Kevin explains that the emphasis on safety and the welcoming atmosphere of the company is what makes his career enjoyable.

“To me, Stevens is the best company in the world. I’ve driven here for seven years, and I look forward to driving here until I retire. There is no other company in the world I would rather have on the side of my truck.”

– Kevin Bowers

Kevin’s favorite thing about Stevens is the quality of the equipment which he says is the best in the industry. He loves getting to drive a brand-new truck with the latest technology while out on the road. He explains that it makes his job comfortable and enjoyable.

Kevin also explains that the Alliance Leasing Program makes it simple for any driver to start their own trucking business. “The support I received from Stevens made my leasing experience simple, and easy. From the business counselors to the fuel managers and business classes that teach you everything you need to know about running your own company, I highly recommend this program to any and all drivers.”

Congratulations, Kevin!

Published September 13, 2018