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Driver Spotlight: Tony Taylor

Retired National Guard Veteran Returns To Trucking

Tony Taylor has always been fond of the truck driving industry. He first started driving when he was 19 years old, when he drove for a produce company before joining the National Guard. After spending 25 years in the Air National Guard, Tony decided to give truck driving a try again and start applying to trucking companies providing CDL training. Deterred by the negative reviews he was reading about those other trucking companies, Tony almost gave up on his pursuit of a truck driving career. But those thoughts changed once he found Stevens Transport and the company-sponsored training CDL training program.

CDL Training at Stevens Driving Academy

Tony re-obtained his CDL from Stevens Driving Academy and after completing his training, was very excited to receive his first load assignment. After completing eight months of solo driving, Tony decided that he wanted to use his 30 years of experience of training to help other drivers that were in the same position that he was. He was then approved as a trainer and has since helped many students become the best drivers that they can be.

Seeing One of His First Trainees Succeeding

Tony even recalled his most memorable moment with one of his former students. “About 3 or 4 months ago, I saw one of my first trainees on his first truck by himself. I was so excited to see him, and he told me that everything I taught him finally clicked and made sense. It was a surreal experience and it made me appreciate what I do every day even more.”

We appreciate all of the hard work Tony has put into this industry, and his hard work definitely does not go unnoticed!

– Brad Turner, Driver Manager Operations Leader

Tony’s Driver Manager Operations Leader Brad Turner only spoke of high praise for the outstanding driver: “Tony is one of the hardest working drivers we have out on the road today. He is a prime example of what we strive for our drivers to be. We appreciate all of the hard work Tony has put into this industry, and his hard work definitely does not go unnoticed!”

How Tony Spends His Time Off The Road

When Tony is not on the road, he can be found cruising the streets on his motorcycle either solo or with an organization that engages in functions that benefits police and firefighters. Tony is also involved with Bikers Against Bullies, a national not-for-profit organization created by bikers to raise awareness and empower the community to fight the terrible effects of bullying on young people through education, community outreach, and fundraising.

Thank you for all of your hard work Tony and we wish you continued success in the future!

Published July 18, 2019