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How To Become A Successful Driver At Stevens Transport

Becoming A Successful Driver At Stevens Transport

There are many factors that make a successful truck driver. David Ogburn is learning what key factors make the biggest difference.

David Ogburn, a former submarine captain in the military, recently graduated from Stevens CDL Training School in Dallas, TX. After finishing his first solo assignment, he has a better understanding of how being a successful driver is more than just picking up an assignment and delivering it. He feels like it’s more about how well you plan and execute that plan as well as the decisions you make along the way.

David feels like Stevens trained him and gave him the tools he needs to be confident in his new career. He comments, “Stevens really is focused on the drivers and their success.” He is appreciative of the freedom he has to make decisions around the framework Stevens gave him in the Stevens CDL Driver Training.

He has learned that as long as you put in the time without taking a break every hour, drive the correct speed and plan ahead, you will get there on time and with good fuel efficiency.

David appreciates that many of the people he reacts with, whether it’s in recruiting, safety, or operations, we’re drivers just like he is now. They have been there and have the knowledge it takes to help him succeed. He sees the opportunities to progress within the company depending on your own personal goals.

If you are ready to take your career on a successful path, call Stevens Transport at 800-333-8595. Become a successful driver today! #BecomeADriver

Published January 17, 2017