Graphic with text congratulations to our company drivers of the month for July 2023

July 2023 Drivers of the Month Awards

Proudly Recognizing Our Drivers’ Efforts

The Best of the Best For July 2023

Our outstanding service as a premier logistics and transportation solutions provider is backed by the dedication and hard work of our entire team, from back-office support staff to driving professionals. And the best of the best drive for Stevens Transport. The executive team of Stevens Transport is proud to announce and honor the driver award winners for the month of July 2023.

Alberto Garcia

1st Place Company Driver of the Month

Image of Alberto Garcia

Congratulations Alberto Garcia, Company Driver of the Month! Alberto has been a part of the Stevens Transport family since 2014. He appreciates the support he’s received at Stevens, which has helped him accomplish milestones in his career, including hitting 1 million miles! Alberto has dreamed of being a professional truck driver since he was a little kid. To this day, he still enjoys driving and seeing the country’s beautiful scenery, especially the Rockies in the winter. Outside of the truck, Alberto enjoys fishing and creating precious memories with his granddaughter.

Congratulations, Alberto!


Indy Sidhu

Runner Up Company Driver of the Month

Image of Inderjit Indy Sidhu

Congratulations Indy Sidhu, Runner Up Company Driver of the Month, and thank you for your service to our country! Indy joined Stevens Transport in 2016, following 7 years of service in the United States Army and then CDL training at Stevens Driving Academy in Fort Hood. Since joining Stevens, Indy proudly claims that he has never had a bad experience: “Stevens is on the top of their game, no matter what they will take care of you.” Further, Indy attributes much of his success to the support he’s received from the operations team at Stevens, from the planners to the dispatchers and driver managers. When Indy’s not working, he loves to travel and spend time with his family!

Congratulations, Indy!


Jason Tanton

1st Place Independent Contractor of the Month

Image of Jason TantonCongratulations Jason Tanton, Independent Contractor Driver of the Month, and thank you for your service to our country! Before becoming a professional truck driver, Jason worked as a juvenile counselor, following 4 years of service in the United States Army. He was looking for a fresh start and something new and exciting, when he decided to attend CDL training at Stevens Driving Academy. He became a company driver in 2022 and shortly after joined the contractor division. Jason loves the freedom of controlling his own schedule that comes with being an independent contractor. He attributes his success to the strong support of both his family and the Stevens team. Jason is also a talented artist and enjoys drawing, playing guitar and model crafting in his free time!

Congratulations, Jason!


Wesley Brown Jr.

Runner-Up Independent Contractor of the Month

Image of Wesley Brown Jr

Congratulations Wesley Brown Jr., Runner Up Independent Contractor Driver of the Month! Wesley joined Stevens Transport this past February, following CDL training at Careers World Wide in Colorado. He soon realized what a great opportunity it would be to have his own business and thus became an independent contractor this past May. Wesley attributes his success to the work ethic he inherited from his father and grandfather, who were also truck drivers. Further, he appreciates the warm hospitality and loving atmosphere around Stevens. Most of all, Wesley enjoys the expedited travel that comes with being a truck driver. “People spend a lot of money to see different areas, but I get paid while seeing them!”

Congratulations, Wesley!


Eric McDonald

1st Place Grad Driver of the Month

Image of Eric McDonald

Congratulations Eric McDonald, New Driver of the Month! Eric joined Stevens Transport this past February after attending CDL training at American Truck Driving School in Lawton, Oklahoma. This past May, Eric joined the contractor division and has enjoyed being his own boss as an independent contractor. Having been able to see over 40 states in his first few months of driving has been very exciting! He credits his success to being a hard worker, setting goals and never giving up. Further, he appreciates that Stevens always offers the perfect tools to help drivers succeed. When Eric’s not in the truck, you can find him tending to his small farm of cows, chickens and goats, or making furniture in his woodshop!

Congratulations, Eric!


Duane Evans

Runner-Up Grad Driver of The Month

Image of Duane Evans

Congratulations Duane Evans, Runner Up New Driver of the Month! Duane joined Stevens Transport this past April, following CDL training at CDS Tractor Trailer School in Woodford, Virginia. Stevens Transport recruiter, Patrick, had flown out to the school and shared photos of our high quality trucks. The black and red motor caught Duane’s attention, and he knew then and there that Stevens was for him! Duane greatly appreciates the helpful, friendly and clean atmosphere at Stevens Transport. “Stevens will help you no matter what.” Further, he attributes his success to learning how to manage his time, and he encourages new drivers to do the same. Duane is an all around adventurous person. When he’s not traveling around the country in the truck, you can find him meeting new people, motorcycle riding and even skydiving!

Congratulations, Duane!


Ann Lewis & Jimmie Lewis Jr.

1st Place Team of the Month

Image of Jimmie and Ann LewisCongratulations Jimmie and Ann Lewis, Team of the month, and thank you Jimmie for your service in the Army to our country! Ann attended Stevens Driving Academy for CDL training and Jimmie attended Advanced Truck Driving School in Visalia, California. Jimmie and Ann became independent contractors in 2010 and have enjoyed over a decade of owning their own business together and driving over 2 million miles! They attribute their success to Stevens providing the opportunity and platform for them to succeed, which the pair then optimized with their hard work, dedication and communication. They advise those considering a career shift into trucking to have patience and an open mind. They encourage new drivers that Stevens will treat them like family and welcome them with open arms. When they are not driving around the country or enjoying the peaceful open road together, Jimmie and Ann love to fish, ride motorcycles, try new restaurants and spend time with their family!

Congratulations, Ann & Jimmie!

Ashley Earl

Owner-Operator of the Month

Image of Ashley EarlCongratulations Ashley Earl, Owner-Operator of the Month! Ashley joined Stevens Transport in 2012, following CDL Training at Stevens Driving Academy. In pursuit of owning her own business, Ashley joined the contractor division shortly thereafter in 2013. She has loved the freedom that comes with being an independent contractor and the amazing scenery that comes with driving. Ashley is also an accomplished million miler, nearing the 2 million mile mark! Ashley attributes her success as a professional truck driver to dedication and hard work, and to having been inspired by her father who was also a very successful truck driver. She encourages new drivers to not give up and keep pushing even if it gets hard sometimes. Although Ashley doesn’t take much free time, she enjoys taking care of her family when she does!

Congratulations, Ashley!


Lars Johnston

Trainer of the Month

Image of Lars Johnston

Congratulations Lars Johnston, Trainer of the Month, and thank you for your service to our country! Lars joined Stevens Transport in 2017, following CDL training at Truck Driving Institute in Saucier, Minnesota and 14 years in the Navy Seabees before that. Lars enjoys the freedom to run his own business, so he became an independent contractor in 2018. Lars appreciates that Stevens is dedicated to supporting drivers, and he treasures memories such as winning 2019 Trainer of the Year Runner Up award! He attributes his success as a trainer over the past 5 years to his dedication to students. He tries to make sure students are comfortable and have everything they need. When Lar’s not on the road and training new drivers, he spends his free time reading sci-fi fantasy and military fiction.

Congratulations, Lars!


Timothy Lookabaugh

Runner Up Trainer of the Month

Image of Timothy Lookabaugh

Congratulations Timothy Lookabaugh, Runner-Up Trainer of the Month! Timothy joined Stevens Transport in 2019, following CDL training at Tampa Truck Driving School. Only a few months later he became an independent contractor and embraced the freedom that came with it! Timothy is proud to be a part of our Cross Gender Program here at Stevens, setting new male and female drivers up for success. Always willing to help and always in a good mood, Timothy builds strong relationships with all his students! When he’s not in the truck, Timothy enjoys spending time with his family and traveling with them.

Congratulations, Timothy!


Jonathan Wells

1st Place Dedicated Driver of the Month

Image of Jonathan Wells

Congratulations Jonathan Wells, Dedicated Driver of the Month! Jonathan joined Stevens Transport in 2020, following CDL training at Stevens Driving Academy. Jonathan attributes much of his success to his trainers, who he still maintains an excellent relationship with today. Jonathan has driven over half a million miles and has a superior service record. He attributes his success to the Stevens Safety Program that keeps everyone in the habit of driving safe. Jonathan is inspired by his father and brother, who are successful truck drivers as well. Outside of the truck, Jonathan enjoys dressing up to take his wife out to dinner and spending time with his family!

Congratulations, Jonathan!


Jose Ortiz

Runner Up Dedicated Driver of the Month

Image of Jose Ortiz

Congratulations Jose Ortiz, Runner Up Dedicated Driver of the Month! Jose joined Stevens Transport in 2008, following CDL training at Metropolitan Trucking in Miami, Florida. He shortly after joined the contractor division, as he has always treasured the freedom of running his own business and making independent decisions. Jose further appreciates that Stevens provides a supportive platform for all drivers. He has enjoyed every second of traveling while getting paid, and has driven over 1 million miles! Some of Jose’s favorite memories are driving through Hoover Dam in Nevada and seeing Niagara Falls while driving through Canada. When he’s not in the truck, you can find Jose spending quality time with his family!

Congratulations, Jose!

Congratulations, drivers!

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Published August 28, 2023