Graphic with text congratulations to our company drivers of the month for June 2023

June 2023 Drivers of the Month Awards

Proudly Recognizing Our Drivers’ Efforts

The Best of the Best For June 2023

Our outstanding service as a premier logistics and transportation solutions provider is backed by the dedication and hard work of our entire team, from back-office support staff to driving professionals. And the best of the best drive for Stevens Transport. The executive team of Stevens Transport is proud to announce and honor the driver award winners for the month of June 2023.

Darryl Arnold III

1st Place Company Driver of the Month

Image of Darryl Arnold

Congratulations Darryl Arnold III, Company Driver of the Month! Darryl joined Stevens Transport in December of 2023, following CDL training at Stevens Driving Academy. Over the past months, Darryl has been exploring the United States mile by mile. He loves that at Stevens, there is always ample opportunity to keep moving on the road with new loads. He appreciates that Stevens never leaves drivers stuck. When he’s not working, Darryl enjoys hiking, video gaming, and bowling!

Congratulations, Darryl!



Joseph Hudon-Livingston

Runner Up Company Driver of the Month

image of Joseph Hudon-Livingston

Congratulations Joseph Hudon-Livingston, Runner Up Company Driver of the Month! Joseph joined Stevens Transport in 2020, following training at HDS Truck Driving Institute. He is proud to be part of a company that is continually growing, and he is inspired daily by the people at Stevens that make that happen. From his first moment behind the wheel, professional trucking seemed to come naturally to Joseph. With his great-grandfather having been a trucker in the 50s, one might say trucking is in his blood! Joseph also credits his success to his self-will and dedication, and he encourages new drivers to give it their all and practice patience.

Congratulations, Joseph!



David Kathriner

1st Place Independent Contractor of the Month

Image of David KathrinerCongratulations David Kathriner, Independent Contractor Driver of the Month! David joined Stevens Transport upon graduating CDL training at Nu-Way in St. Louis. A Professional Driving career was a pathway David was familiar with as many of his family members were a part of the industry. David, a United States Airforce Veteran had discipline and the responsibility to take his career to new heights, and in 2009 he joined the Contractor division with a dream of owning his own business. David enjoys the freedom of the open road and independence of running his own business. His hard work, and professional attitude towards safety has earned him a spot in the Million Mile Club and we are incredibly proud of David’s accomplishments. Outside of work, David enjoys spending time with his wife and family.

Congratulations, David!



Luigi Charles

Runner-Up Independent Contractor of the Month

Image of Luigi Charles

Congratulations Luigi Charles, Runner Up Independent Contractor Driver of the Month! After spending 7 years as a culinary chef Luigi wanted a change of pace. Luigi attended CDL training at Troops to Transportation in Miami. He graduated late 2021 and immediately joined Stevens. Luigi chose Stevens as he had a dream of owning his own business and Stevens offered the opportunity. Luigi became an independent contractor and has never looked back. Luigi also has family members driving at Stevens and he appreciates the support he receives from all. Outside of trucking, Luigi treasures his time spent with his wife and children.

Congratulations, Luigi!



Lawrencia Williams

1st Place Grad Driver of the Month

Image of Lawrencia Williams

Congratulations Lawrencia Williams, Grad Driver of the Month! Lawrencia was looking for a career path she could count on and joined Stevens upon graduating Stevens Driving Academy in February 2023. She was amazed at how much she learned during her over the road training portion and thoroughly enjoyed the adventure of seeing our country coast to coast! Lawrencia encourages others to join Stevens and take advantage of learning from the best and getting their careers off to a great start. In her free time, Lawrencia enjoys adventuring and exploring new restaurants and places she has never been.

Congratulations, Lawrencia!



Thaddeus Heflin Sr.

Runner-Up Grad Driver of The Month

Image of Thaddeus Heflin Sr.

Congratulations Thaddeus Heflin Sr., Runner Up Grad Driver of the Month! Thaddeus joined Stevens Transport in February of 2023 looking for a new opportunity to increase his income and find a steady career. Thaddeus truly enjoyed his training experience and attributes his early success to the knowledge he gained from his trainer. Thaddeus is thrilled with the support Stevens offers entry level drivers and encourages anyone joining the industry to look no further than Stevens. Outside of work, Thaddeus enjoys spending time with his family and pursuing his goal to earn a pilot license. Thaddeus advises new drivers, “Ignore negativity and follow your dreams. God gave you a vision not them.” Listen to yourself and always use good judgement. Safety First!

Congratulations, Thaddeus!



Liane & Roderick Thompson

1st Place Team of the Month

Image of Liane and Roderick ThompsonCongratulations Liane and Roderick Thompson, TEAM of the month! Liane attended Georgia Driving Academy and Roderick Fayetteville Tech in North Carolina. Little did they know that by joining Stevens and transitioning to a career as professional drivers, they would find true love. They met on the Lakeland yard and shortly after married and teamed up. In 2019, they wanted to take their career to new heights and joined the contractor division where they are achieving ultimate success. This past month they ran an impressive 23,016 miles!! They both love traveling the country together, experiencing new places and faces. They love the support system they have at Stevens and attribute their success to many. Always with a smile on their faces and a hand out to help service our customers, they are a team we can depend on. Outside of work, Liane and Roderick enjoy gardening, golf, karaoke and most of all spending time with their family.

Congratulations, Liane & Roderick!



Miguel Salinas

Owner-Operator of the Month

Image of Miguel SalinasCongratulations Miguel Salinas, Owner-Operator of the Month! Miguel has been with the Stevens family for nearly a decade and has achieved the highest standards of being a member of the million mile club. Miguel started his career in the trucking industry looking for growth and opportunity. He joined Stevens Transport in 2014 and quickly realized how the view out his window had changed for the better. Miguel wanted to own his own business and he appreciates Stevens teaching him the ropes and sharing the formula for success. Proud owner of his own truck, Miguel’s advice is to stay focused when on the road and manage your business with efficiency. Follow your dreams, you will achieve them. Outside of work, Miguel likes to unwind watching TV and reading. We are grateful to have a shining star like Miguel in the family!

Congratulations, Miguel!



Mario Williams

Trainer of the Month

Image of Mario Williams

Congratulations Mario Williams, Trainer of the Month and previous TRAINER OF THE YEAR recipient! Mario attributes his success to much of what he learned as a member of the Royal Bahama Defense Force many years ago. Mario joined Stevens in 2005 and soon after joined the contractor division with the goal of owning his own business, while continuing to give back his knowledge as a trainer to new drivers. Mario understands the demands of the road and helps his students achieve ultimate success. Mario appreciates his partnership with Stevens as they are cutting edge, innovative, and have a reputation as one of the best in the business. This month, Mario and his student drove 18,255 miles. Mario wakes up every day looking forward to hitting the road for a new adventure. Mario is most proud of putting all his kids through college with ZERO debt being able to pay 100% of their tuitions through the success he has earned as a Stevens contractor and trainer.

Congratulations, Mario!



Richard Fertig

Runner Up Trainer of the Month

Image of Richard Fertig

Congratulations Richard Fertig, Runner-Up Trainer of the Month! Richard has been with Stevens well over a decade and is a proud member of our elite million mile club. Richard has trained hundreds of Stevens drivers over many years, and we thank Richard for his dedication to giving back to the next generation of drivers. Richard attended Truck Driver Institute in Sanford, Florida and joined Stevens immediately after. Shortly after joining Stevens, Richard knew he had what it takes to own his own business and became an independent contractor. Richard attributes much of his success to his support team at Stevens coupled with his hard work and drive. His advice to others is to be proactive, do a good trip plan, and minimize downtime by planning ahead. Stevens will have your back, just always communicate any challenges you are having. Outside of work, Richard enjoys scuba diving, hiking and photography.

Congratulations, Richard!



Mike Calhoun

1st Place Dedicated Driver of the Month

Image of Mike Calhoun

Congratulations to our SENIOR 23 year DEDICATED DRIVER OF THE MONTH and MILLION MILER, Mike Calhoun! We are incredibly proud of Mike’s accomplishments over 2 decades of service. Our dedicated customers love Mike and depend on him heavily to deliver on time, every time. Mike served our country and we applaud his contributions to his country then and now. Mike has strong values that align with success and its obvious why he continues to be recognized as one of the BEST professional drivers at Stevens. Outside of work, Mike enjoys cooking with his family and his precious grandchildren. Mike extends his gratitude to Stevens for taking care of him when he was looking after his wife prior to her passing. We are equally grateful and thankful to Mike for his many years of service and commitment to the Stevens Family.

Congratulations, Mike!



Jordy Calderon

Runner Up Dedicated Driver of the Month

Image of Jordy Calderon

Congratulations Jordy Calderon, Runner Up Dedicated Driver of the Month! Jordy joined Stevens Transport in 2021 following CDL training at Lone Star College in Houston. He then joined the independent contracting division in 2022, following his dream of owning his own business. Jordy has become one of the top dedicated drivers that can always be depended on no matter what! He advises potential drivers to take the leap of faith even if they are scared starting out. He loves that at Stevens, drivers are always supported with new and fine equipment! As a driver, Jordy has enjoyed traveling around the country and building an empire for his family. When not in the truck, he’s playing guitar and going off-road mudding!

Congratulations, Jordy!


Congratulations, drivers!

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Published July 24, 2023