Graphic with text congratulations to our company drivers of the month for May 2023

May 2023 Drivers of the Month Awards

Proudly Recognizing Our Drivers’ Efforts

The Best of the Best For May 2023

Our outstanding service as a premier logistics and transportation solutions provider is backed by the dedication and hard work of our entire team, from back-office support staff to driving professionals. And the best of the best drive for Stevens Transport. The executive team of Stevens Transport is proud to announce and honor the driver award winners for the month of May 2023.

Watagnan Soro

1st Place Company Driver of the Month

Image of Watagnan Soro

Please join us in welcoming our Company Driver of the Month, Watagnan Soro! Watagnan, a member of the Stevens Transport driving force since January 2022, graduated with his CDL from Roadmaster. Watagnan states friends influenced him to decide to become a truck driver and now he really enjoys it. His favorite part is being able to travel the country and see all the sights. Over the month of May, Watagnan ran 12,043 miles and maintained a perfect safety record, earning himself this amazing honor! Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his loved ones.

Congratulations, Watagnan!



Kevin Dillon

Runner Up Company Driver of the Month

Image of Kevin Dillon

Our Runner Up Company Driver of the Month is Kevin Dillon! Kevin joined the Stevens Transport driving force in February 2012 after successfully obtaining his CDL from Lonestar College in Houston. Throughout his tenure at Stevens Transport, Kevin has displayed exceptional dedication and commitment to his training, which has paved the way for an outstanding career as a professional driver. In the month of May, Kevin completed a total of 11,314 miles while maintaining an impeccable service record, resulting in this well-deserved recognition. Outside of his professional endeavors, Kevin cherishes his leisure time by visiting friends and family.

Congratulations, Kevin!



Joseph Logue Jr.

1st Place Independent Contractor of the Month

Image of Joseph Logue Jr.

Please join us in congratulating our Independent Contractor of the Month, Joseph Logue Jr.! Joseph has been part of the Stevens Transport family since February of 2015 and graduated with his CDL from Truck Driver Institute in Sanford, FL. Joseph is part of our Comfort Zone Dedicated fleet. This is a perfect fit as he is able to get home often. Joseph really enjoys driving and being out on the road! This month, Joseph was able to cover 12,696 miles with a perfect safety and service record, earning himself this great award! On his time off, he enjoys spending time with his family and especially his 5 grandchildren.

Congratulations, Joseph!



Zachary Fairchild

Runner-Up Independent Contractor of the Month

Image of Zachary Fairchild

Our Runner Up Independent Contractor Driver of the Month is Zachary Fairchild! Zachary joined the Stevens family in May of 2022 graduating from Tampa Truck Driving School. He joined our Independent Contractor division in September 2022 to further his trucking career. He currently drives on our OTR fleet, getting to see all the sights of our amazing country. While enjoying his time off, he can be found spending time with his family.

Congratulations, Zachary!



James Ratliff Jr.

1st Place Grad Driver of the Month

Image of James Ratliff

We are excited to extend our congratulations to James Ratliff Jr. who is our Grad Driver of the Month! James drove 11,797 miles in his first full month out on the road showing a great start to his new career! He obtained his CDL from CRST and came to us in February 2023. James is looking forward to pursuing entrepreneurship and ownership opportunities. When taking time away from work, he enjoys the art of mastering the grill and spending time with his family.

Congratulations, James!



Derrick Robbins

Runner-Up Grad Driver of The Month

Image of Derrick Robbins

Our Runner Up Grad of the Month is Derrick Robbins! Derrick graduated from the Stevens Driving Academy and came to us in January 2023. Derrick came to Stevens because of the good reviews from the training program. Derrick lives in the DFW metroplex which makes Stevens a great fit! Derrick logged 10,558 miles and a perfect safety record in May earning this great award. While taking a break from work, Derrick enjoys riding his motorcycle and being home enjoying family time.

Congratulations, Derrick!



Jack Rehmel & Thomas Legg

1st Place Team of the Month

Image of Jack Rehmel and Thomas Legg

We are happy to announce that Jack Rehmel & Thomas Legg are the Team of the Month! Jack came to us from Careers World Wide in January 2019 and Thomas joined us from Diesel Driving Academy in November 2020. Jack and Thomas decided to team up in February of 2022 and have continued to be a very successful team at Stevens! They spend most of their time on a dedicated route pulling time sensitive freight. They are consistently one of the top performers in terms of mileage, utilization and safety. Outside of working, you can find these two relaxing with their families.

Congratulations, Jack & Thomas!



Livingstone Gikonyo

Owner-Operator of the Month

Image of Livingstone Gikonyo

Please join us in congratulating our Owner Operator of the Month, Livingstone Gikonyo! Livingstone, who joined the Stevens Transport driving force in May 2015, graduated with his CDL from Stevens Driving Academy! Livingstone attributes his success to hard work and the supportive team at Stevens. He advises aspiring drivers to consider this rewarding career, emphasizing the importance of saving money and potentially starting their own company. In his free time, Livingstone enjoys swimming, watching movies, and reading novels. He speaks 11 languages as well.

Congratulations, Livingstone!



Christopher Smith

Trainer of the Month

Image of Christopher Smith

We congratulate Chris Smith on being named Trainer of the Month. Chris joined the Stevens Transport driving force in August 2021 after graduating with his CDL from Trainco Truck driving school. In May, he drove an impressive 17,156 miles. Chris’s passion for driving started at a young age, and after years of experience in the moving industry and managing employees, he decided to pursue his CDL. He chose Stevens Transport due to their reliability and commitment to fulfilling their promises. Chris became a trainer to provide trainees with the guidance he wished he had received. His main goal is to ensure safety on the roads while helping others succeed in their trucking careers.

Congratulations, Chris!



Bobby Woodward

Runner Up Trainer of the Month

Image of Bobby Woodward

Our Runner Up Trainer of the Month is Bobby Woodward! Bobby came to Stevens in March of 2021 from the Stevens Driving Academy. In January of 2022, Bobby decided he wanted to share his knowledge and help new drivers find success in the industry while maximizing his earnings. In the month of May, Bobby was able to drive 16,302 miles with the help of his trainee. Bobby enjoys being a trainer and spending time with new drivers. When he isn’t training new drivers, he loves camping and playing with his dogs.

Congratulations, Bobby!



Robert Groulx

1st Place Dedicated Driver of the Month

Image of Robert Groulx

We congratulate Robert Groulx on being named Dedicated Driver of the Month. Robert has been a valued member of the Stevens Transport driving force since September 9, 2020. In the month of May, he drove an impressive 12,670 miles, earning him this well-deserved recognition. Robert is part of our Texas Regional Fleet, which is perfect since he lives in Houston. When asked about his success, Robert attributes it to learning from others. Outside of driving, he finds joy in cooking and spending time with his grandchildren. Robert appreciates the way Stevens Transport treats their drivers and values the positive experience he has had with the company.

Congratulations, Robert!



Akeil Thomas

Runner Up Dedicated Driver of the Month

Image of Akeil Thomas

Congratulations to our Runner Up Dedicated Driver of the Month Akeil Thomas! Akeil came to us from Georgia Driving Academy in October 2022 after completing his CDL training. Thomas is currently on our valued Purdue account, spending the majority of his driving on the east coast, which fits perfectly with his home being in Georgia. When he’s not driving, Akeil enjoys spending time with his family, playing soccer, reading, and playing video games.

Congratulations, Akeil!


Congratulations, drivers!

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Published June 21, 2023