Image of Mike Hutcheson and another man, holding a large check

Military Chef Becomes On-The-Road Business Owner

Mike Hutcheson recently received a $4,620.40 lease completion bonus check!

Mike joined Stevens Transport seven years ago and spent one year as a company driver before transitioning to Alliance. He was drawn to the leasing program due to the educational experience and opportunities it provided.

Someone with a real estate background can come in, learn about the industry and run their own business!

– Mike Hutcheson

He was in the military for an incredible 22 years and was even a chef, serving homemade meals to all of the brave men and women who serve our country. Mike’s favorite hobby is still cooking and the change of scenery while on the road as an Owner Operator provides endless inspiration for his recipes.

When asked what advice he would give to new Owner Operators, he states, “You must be involved with your business support team and keep constant communication. Build and nurture those relationships and they will always support you.”

Mike currently resides in Florida and enjoys spending time with his kids and grandkids during his time off.

Congratulations, Mike! We are behind you every mile!

Published September 28, 2017