Image of Stevens Transport truck cab, close up

Paid To See The Country

Seeing The Country & Getting Paid For It

Stevens Transport Driver Brian Jackson’s Story

Stevens Transport Owner Operator, Brian Jackson, has explored America while getting paid for it! He is only 27 years old but because of his impactful decision to come to Stevens – now runs his own business doing what he loves.

Brian graduated from Tennessee Truck Driving School and came to drive as a Company Driver for Stevens Transport after obtaining his CDL. After 30 days on the road, he decided to join the Contractor Division and lease a truck through Alliance. Then, after receiving his lease completion bonus check, Brian used that money to purchase his very own Kenworth T-680 and became an Owner Operator. This gave him the freedom he wanted AND the ability to make more money per mile!

Brian is passionate about the trucking industry because it’s in his blood. His father and grandfather were both truck drivers and following in their footsteps was a natural decision for him. Also, he knew that he did not want to sit behind a desk in the same office or cubicle every day for the rest of his life.

Brian encourages millennials to consider truck driving as not only a career, but a way to get out from behind a desk and see all America has to offer WHILE getting paid. He has enjoyed witnessing the various natural landscapes from across the country including Niagara Falls, Wyoming’s snow-covered mountains, the brightest stars that can be seen in Kansas and so much more. Brian especially enjoyed seeing the bright city lights in New York City and looking across the border of Mexico.

“Thanks Stevens for giving me the opportunity to enjoy life and experience all I’ve had the privilege of experiencing by being a truck driver. They are very cool people and have been there when I needed them,” says Brian. He is thankful for how easy the company is to work for and the training that helped him become a successful Owner Operator.

Published October 23, 2017