Image of group of people, Mike Lewis holding award

Safety Is Key To Truck Driving Success

Mike Lewis dreams of seeing the transportation industry come together as a whole, regardless of company, race or gender.

All truck drivers make sacrifices to move the nation forward and he feels this common ground is the most important factor.

He enjoys being a part of our Stevens family and has enjoyed his tenure at our company, through both easy and slightly difficult times in his life. His experiences and growth have made him the professional that he is today.

Mike stresses the importance of safety because he understands how critical that is to continue on the road to success. He advises the general motoring public to help professional drivers keep our roads safe by ensuring they are aware of their surroundings.

The longer you stay close to a commercial vehicle, the more chance you have of being in an accident. It takes safety practices from professionals and non-professionals alike to keep accidents from happening.

– Mike Lewis

Thank you for 20 years and for driving 2 million miles with us, Mike! Congratulations! We are behind you every mile!

Published September 21, 2017