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Stevens Driver Rescues Man From Burning Car

Stevens driver, Robert Shirley, helps rescue a man from a burning car.

Robert had just picked up a load out of Springfield, Missouri for Kraft when he noticed a minivan driving erratically. When he saw the van hit the containment wall and catch fire, his wife, Julie, immediately called 911. Robert was able to safely stop his truck, run to the vehicle, and put out the fire that was under the car. Robert didn’t want to become a sitting duck on the highway, so after giving the 911 dispatch the details, they were able to get back on the road to deliver their load.

“Wrecks happen quickly on the road. I’m thankful Stevens takes safety seriously and trains drivers thoroughly.” Says Robert. He is definitely glad Stevens provided a new quality fire extinguisher for his truck. His suggestion to newer drivers is to listen to experienced drivers. They have knowledge that can save your life as well as those around you. His favorite saying is, “Take pride or don’t ride.”

Robert was a United States Merchant Mariner before driving for Stevens. He received extensive fire training and was thankful it was useful at a critical time. He feels that if you can safely stop your truck to assist someone in need, do so. But, be sure stopping doesn’t endanger yourself, your truck, or anyone else on the road. He also suggests making sure the truck does not impede traffic flow.

Robert has been with Stevens for four years. After being tired of spending considerable time on the ocean, he decided to get his CDL Training at TDI in Florida. While attending TDI, Robert saw a poster that had the kind of information he needed in order to make an informed decision about who he wanted to drive for.  He was very impressed with the Stevens trucks. A former student, who now drives for Stevens, stopped by the school to show off his beautiful new Stevens truck.

He appreciates how Stevens has very knowledgeable employees who care about people and equipment. “It’s impressive how much Stevens cares about safety,” Says Robert. He feels that Stevens is here to help drivers be safe, take pride in what they do and be a family of people who provide an important service to the public.

Robert is married with a daughter and a dog whom he considers his son. Robert thanks Stevens for giving him the chance to have a rewarding career for a company that considers him family and not just a number. He is here for the long haul!

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Published January 30, 2017