Image of Stevens Transport truck parked in empty lot

Stevens Transport Trainer Takes Quick Action

Demetrice Reeves’ Prevents Tragedy

Sunday, December 19th, Stevens Transport Driver Trainer Demetrice Reeves was in the passenger seat observing his student when a near tragedy occurred. His student became unresponsive at the wheel and went into seizure-like convulsions on 1-75 in Pompano Beach, FL. Recognizing the imminent danger, Demetrice jumped into action.

He immediately pulled the truck and trailer brakes, unbuckled the student, removed him from the driver’s seat and regained control of the truck all while it was still in motion. Once he regained control of the equipment, he was then able to get the truck safely stopped.

Once stopped, Demetrice called 911 and was able to quickly guide emergency personnel to their location so that his student could receive the medical attention he needed.

Stevens Transport is proud to recognize the outstanding efforts of Demetrice Reeves for his quick action to avert a serious accident and summon emergency responders to aid his fellow driver.

Published January 9, 2019