Image of Trucker Tony with his thumbs up in front of his truck

Stevens Driver “Trucker Tony” Shares His Story

YouTube Channel Owner of TruckerTony90

Documenting His Journey as an OTR Driver

Anthony Reynolds, aka Trucker Tony on YouTube, started his YouTube channel in late August 2018 shortly after becoming a driver for Stevens Transport. As an avid YouTube watcher, Trucker Tony found the videos of his fellow Stevens Transport drivers, including King DRodge, to be helpful in educating about the life of an OTR driver but very motivational. The YouTube channel is his unique way to document his experience.

Since the age of 13, Anthony was drawn to the adventure of being a truck driver. Not knowing a lot about the actual job of a truck driver, he turned to YouTube to familiarize himself with trucking careers so he could make a well-thought, educated decision. Understanding the demands of the job, his confidence grew and he completed CDL training. He immediately joined Stevens Transport in the Contractor Division. Trucker Tony shares the ups and downs and life on the road thru the videos posted on his channel. But more importantly, he shares the bits of knowledge and wisdom he has learned to have a successful trucking career. The motivation to provide a better life for his family helps fuel Trucker Tony’s career ambitions.

Published March 19, 2019