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Team Driver Finalist Veteran Trucker Award

Retired Lt. Colonel Excels At New Driving Career

Gregg Softy joined Stevens Transport last year after a military buddy told him great things about the company. Once he did some research, he knew that there were great opportunities for potential career advancement and that this was the right place for him. Recently, Gregg was named one of the top 3 finalists for Transition Trucking’s Excellence in Trucking award. Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment!

The “Transition Trucking: Driving for Excellence” campaign launched last year and is part of an overall effort to inspire hiring more veterans, national guard members, and reservists into the trucking industry. Deserving veteran drivers who have made a successful transition from military service to the trucking industry are able to participate in a chance to win a truck.

Transitioning from Protecting the Country to Exploring It.

Gregg and a fellow military buddy drive together and are enjoying the freedom of the open road as Alliance Team Drivers. They spent many years protecting this country and now they get to explore it and enjoy the fruits of their labor. The pair enjoy seeing all of the landmarks as they drive across the country while doing what they love – running their own business.

When Gregg was in the military, he picked up on various traits that he still carries into his trucking career. The military is similar to the trucking industry because of the close quarters, having to be independent, being part of a team, and upholding similar values of integrity that make it important to succeed as a driver.

Gregg Is Pleased To Be Driving Such Great Trucks From the Start

When Gregg first joined Stevens, he was surprised (and happy) to find out that even new guys at the company get nice trucks! He loves driving the newest, greatest equipment and answering people’s questions when they see his new Kenworth and ask what it takes to get one.

There is a HUGE support system – whether on the road or in the office. Everyone makes you feel like family.

– Gregg Softy

Published September 20, 2017