Image of La'Shalae Lockey and Tracy Eden, team drivers for Cherokee Rose Transport

Team Driving Pays Big!

$9,493.52 Bonus Check For Team Drivers

Cherokee Rose Transport Team Drivers Thrive On Success

Contractor Division Team Drivers, La’Shalae Lockey and Tracy Eden, have recently been awarded a $9,493.52 lease completion bonus check and re-signed their lease!

La’Shalae has been driving for 5 years and attended Georgia Driving Academy in Columbus to receive her CDL before coming to Stevens Transport. She became a truck driver because she always wanted to drive a BIG truck. When La’Shalae was laid off from her last job, the opportunity presented itself, and she took it!

During her training, the moment that stuck out to her the most and remained with her was learning how to drive stick shift for the first time. But – she mastered it and has been on the road to success since then! When asked what someone might be surprised to know about La’Shalae, Tracy answers, “She does great imitations and impersonations. She cracks me up daily!”

Tracy has been driving for an incredible 28 years! Professional truck driving is a family business for Tracy and it’s in her blood – so she always knew it was in her future. She comes from a long line of truck drivers, including her father, brothers, son, and son-in-law!

Tracy is incredibly proud to have the opportunity to continue moving her family tradition forward while traveling across the country. What might someone be surprised to know about Tracy? La’Shalae replies, “Tracy loves to dance – to any music at any time!”

La’Shalae and Tracy recently received a lease completion bonus check of almost $9,500 and are continuing on their road to success. The team drivers attribute their success to being hardworking, safe drivers who keep their eyes on the prize. Both were even awarded for being 48-state safe drivers! La’Shalae and Tracy say the best thing about Stevens Transport is that same emphasis on safety and the great training provided.

When asked what advice they would give to new drivers, both agree:

Be alert and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Read all signs, obey the law, and ALWAYS communicate. If you need to, stop – pull into a safe haven – and call!

– La’Shalae & Tracy, Cherokee Rose Transport

Congratulations, Cherokee Rose Transport! Stevens Transport is behind you every mile!

Published February 21, 2018