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Veteran Truck Driver Still Feels Service To His Country

Army Veteran Sean Harding Drives a Second Career As a Trucker

After 28 years in the Army, he’s still serving his country by moving it forward

The Story of a Stevens Driving Academy Graduate

Stevens Transport congratulates Sean Harding, driver and graduate of Stevens Driving Academy at Fort Hood, on being recognized as a Top 10 Finalist for both Transition Trucking and Trucking’s Top Rookie for 2017. We are extremely proud of this huge accomplishment! We sat down with Sean to learn a little more about his life and how he got his start in the trucking industry.

A Soldier, Superhero or Trucker?

Sean was born in Canton, Ohio only a few miles from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He graduated from Akron Central Hower High School in 1986 where he met the love of his life. In December of 1990, only a few short days before he would ship out in support of Operation Desert Storm, he married Marcey, “the prettiest girl in the world.” Sean and Marcey have 4 daughters: Ashley, Brittney, Courtney, and Desteney. During his time in the Army, he and his family traveled and experienced the world.

Sean explains that when he was little he wanted to be 3 things: a soldier, Spiderman, and a truck driver. So far, he has managed to accomplish 2 out of the 3!

Sean Served His Country For Over 28 Years

After joining the Army in 1987, Sean served for over 28 years. Sean mentioned that “while I enjoyed the travel, it was the training and interaction with Soldiers that I enjoyed most; the competition and camaraderie. To put my best up against your best. Whether it be a friendly competition or in combat. The most satisfying assignment I ever had was the 2 years I spent as a Drill Sergeant. It was both the hardest and most rewarding time I spent in the military.”

Although he thoroughly enjoyed his time in the military, he knew that the time had come when he could no longer serve his country with the Army. However, he still wanted to serve the people. He decided to begin CDL training with Stevens Transport. He mentions that through truck driving, “I’ve been able to see all the places and meet some of the people that are in this great country that I defended for so long. Now I am able to help and support them by delivering the clothes they wear and food they eat to stores that the rest of the world is envious of.”

By driving these trucks, we still get to make sure that this country – the country that we love – the country that we protected for so long – gets taken care of.

– Sean Harding

In March of 2017, Sean began team driving with a fellow veteran. They hope to one day start their own company full of veteran drivers that share their same values. He says proudly, “We have been blessed to be in a company where the blueprint to that goal is already there. Now we just have to make the most of our opportunities.”

As a Contractor Division Driver, Sean has now seen many picturesque views of the country while on the road and enjoys meeting the wonderfully diverse people along the way – with Stevens behind him every mile. “You’re going to feel like part of a family – part of a team. Between the outstanding equipment, the outstanding atmosphere that you get, and the top-notch training – you can’t go wrong here at Stevens!”

He recently made the top 10 finalists for the Transition Trucking: Driving for Excellence Award and we are so proud of his accomplishment! This award recognizes veterans successfully transitioning out of the military and into the trucking industry.

Congratulations and thank you for moving our nation forward!

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Published October 11, 2017