Specialized Temperature-Controlled Logistics

Solutions For The Modern Supply Chain

Stevens Transport 35 Anniversary TruckWhen it comes to over-the-road refrigerated truckload carriers, no other company in North America can boast the same outstanding reputation for premier service, responsiveness and sustainability that Stevens Transport upholds. Over the years, we have built our reputation based on service, performance and relationships. This approach, coupled with our qualified talent pool and vast equipment inventory, allows us to provide full coverage across a broad lane network.


Stevens Transport services many of the foremost consumer product distributors in the world. With a customer directory containing numerous Fortune 500 companies, Stevens Transport is poised to remain atop the supply chain logistics arena for several decades to come. Our unmatched reputation for premier service continuously allows us to run countless trips and miles, 365 days a year.

Transporting produce is a challenging task to master. It requires pinpoint communication, committed business partners and a flexible, dynamic business process. Stevens Transport has provided all of these and more through both high- and low-growth years, and is a truly distinguished service partner.


One of the most awarded fleets in the industry:

2018 – Hershey Carrier of the Year

2016 – Whole Foods Best In Class

2016 – Hershey “Own It” Award

2015 – Coca-Cola Carrier of the Year

2015 – Whole Foods Carrier of the Year

2014 – Tyson Foods Premier Carrier of the Year

2013 – General Mills Temperature Controlled Carrier of the Year

2013 – Kraft Transportation Partnership Award

2013 – Kraft Director’s Award

2013 – Coca-Cola Refrigerated Carrier of the Year

2013 – Perdue Director’s Award

2012 – Chiquita Express In Appreciation for 10 Years of Dedicated Service

2012 – General Mills Temperature Controlled Carrier of the Year

2012 – Heinz North America FY12 Frozen Carrier of the Year

2010 – Campbell Soup Refrigerated Carrier of the Year

2010 – Kraft GEM (Going the Extra Mile) Award

2009 – General Mills Temperature Carrier of the Year

2009 – Campbell Soup Temperature Controlled Truckload Carrier of the Year

2009 – Capsugel – Service Excellence

2009 – Target Outstand Partnership Award

2008 – Kraft Foods GEM (Going the Extra Mile) Award

2008 – Kraft Foods Directors Award

2007 – Kraft Dedicated Carrier of the Year

2007 – General Mills Temperature Carrier of the Year

Stevens Transport Carrier Of Year Awards


In the decades since Stevens Transport first opened its doors for business, diversification has also been key to growth. Our multi-modal capabilities, which include truckload, dedicated, regional, cross-border, and intermodal (rail), position us to respond to most business demands with flexibility and on-time service.









Stevens Transport is recognized as America’s premier, Family owned and operated truckload carrier. For more than 35 years, our customers have depended on us for precision operated refrigerated and dry van service across North America. Our reputation for on time delivery, innovative solutions for peak seasonal periods and our professional, safe and courteous drivers has made us the choice for America’s top Fortune 500 companies. And, because of our competitive rates and multi-modal coverage, we can meet the needs of customers of any size.

Here are just a few of the advantages of utilizing Stevens Transport Truckload Services:

  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Enhance on time deliveries
  • Reduce liability
  • Redirect capital back into your core business

Stevens Transport is proud to provide our customers with the most innovative supply chain and logistics solutions in North America. If your company needs expedited transportation, intermodal or international service, Stevens Transport can guarantee the coverage, capacity and flexibility to meet your business demands.



Stevens Transport has developed strategic relationships with CSX, Union Pacific, BNSF, Northern Suffolk and drayage facilities located in all of the key hub markets across North America. Our diversified network gives us the ability to ensure timely and efficient movement of Stevens Transport trailers to customer yards. Every one of Stevens Transport’s trailers is equipped for highway and rail service, which guarantees maximum transportation flexibility.

Here are just a few of the advantages of utilizing Stevens Transport Intermodal Services:

  • Reduce costs with our dynamic route optimization systems
  • Industry leading capacity to meet seasonal demands and surges
  • Maximize your efficiency and profitability with options for capacity and service
  • State of the art overhead cranes accelerate ramping and deramping, while keeping contents safe

Stevens Transport has a proven track record of total quality freight management. By utilizing EDI (electronic data interchange) technology, we can monitor every shipment from pickup to delivery – guaranteeing on time, damage free, responsive service to our customers.



While Stevens Transport has long been recognized as America’s premier refrigerated truckload carrier, our Dedicated Services Group is quickly becoming the choice for Fortune 1000 companies across North America. Our Dedicated services allow for guaranteed and consistent year-round capacity. Our dynamic route optimization systems, on-site management and revenue-share programs maximize utilization and help our customers save money.

Here are just a few of the advantages of utilizing Stevens Transport Dedicated Services:

  • Maintain guaranteed, consistent, year-round capacity
  • Dynamic route optimization reduces customer costs
  • Revenue share programs maximize utilizations and create cost savings for customers
  • Back-haul programs optimize positioning of assets

For over 35 years, North America’s leading shippers have counted on Stevens Transport’s Dedicated Services group to provide consistent capacity, real cost savings, and professional and on-time deliveries.

Cross-Border Solutions


Stevens Transport is North America’s preferred carrier for time-sensitive and temperature-controlled freight moving across the Mexican and Canadian borders. Since 1980, we have been building a network of resources that insure customer satisfaction and delivering transborder logistics solutions. The combination of our resources and first-class communications systems insures on time delivery, within your budget.

Here are just a few of the advantages of utilizing Stevens Transport International Services:

  • Multi-lingual logistics experts on both sides of each border
  • C-TPAT Certification (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) means security
  • Innovative Transloading Service increases capacity and shipping opportunities
  • Long standing partnerships with International authorities expedite transportation across both borders

Stevens Transport was one of the first companies in America to develop cross border solutions. With our experience, you will avoid lengthy customs delays, unnecessary charges, and most importantly – your freight will be delivered on time.