Over 800 Million Mile drivers call Stevens Transport home. These drivers are in the top 10% of all drivers, across the industry, and we are honored to have them as members of our driving force. The level of dedication and attention to safety that goes into the million miles these drivers have run is unmatched. Joining the million-mile club is one of the highest achievements that a driver can earn. We are very thankful to have these incredible individuals as members of the Stevens Transport family, and we can’t thank them enough for all that they have done.

Gerald Rhoden

4 Million Mile Driver

Stevens Transport Independent Contractor and 2022 Driver of the Year Winner, Gerald Rhoden, has reached the four-million-mile mark! Gerald, a member of the Stevens Transport driving force since November 1998, graduated with his CDL from the Stevens Driving Academy! As one of the top trainers in the history of Stevens Transport, Gerald has proudly trained nearly 200 new drivers, and has now driven over 4 million miles! Gerald’s exemplary determination combined with his passion for success and helping others results in his ultimate success both on and off the road! When he isn’t behind the wheel, Gerald is a loving father, friend and husband who makes everyone around him feel like family.

Rocky Fiel

4 Million Mile Driver

Rocky Fiel, a Bells, Texas native, joined the Stevens transport driving force in 1991. Rocky grew up working on a West Texas farm driving a truck for his grandfather, a job that led him to becoming a full-time truck driver with Stevens Transport! Having now become the third four-million-mile driver in company history, Rocky Fiel is amongst the top of the top in our entire industry. “I have been a driver at Stevens Transport for over thirty years, and as the company grew, and more drivers joined on, Stevens never forgot their older drivers. The people of Stevens Transport have kept me happy for many, many years,” said Rocky!

Jeffrey Thomas

Image of Stevens Driver Jeffrey Thomas

4 Million Mile Driver

Jeffery Thomas, a member of the Stevens Transport driving force since 1994, has reached the four-million mile mark. Only a handful of Stevens Transport drivers have ever reached the milestone that Jeffery just passed, but he isn’t stopping yet! With five million miles as his next goal, we are very fortunate to have Jeffrey in the Stevens Transport family. He is always going above and beyond.

Bobby Turner

Image of Angela Horowitz, Bobby Turner, and wife

4 Million Mile Driver

Bobby Turner remembers when Stevens Transport opened in 1980. He had been a professional driver for nearly a decade and clearly remembers the day he saw the truck that changed his life. “I was already driving, and Stevens was new. I remember wanting the truck they had…it was a Kenworth T600…the Rolls-Royce of trucking”, Mr. Turner recalls. In 1988 Bobby joined Stevens Transport to pursue his dream of driving the most prestigious truck on the road, the Kenworth T600. Little did he know that for the next thirty years, Stevens Transport would become his family and home as well as where he would find the love of his life, Janice. They met in 1994 while she was working in the Stevens Transport safety department and married in 2000. Bobby drove for over three decades at Stevens and won the prestigious Driver of the Year award in 1994 and again in 2013. We are truly honored to call he and Janice members of the Stevens Transport family.

Robert Belford

4 Million Mile Driver

Robert Belford achieved 4 million safe driving miles at Stevens Transport in June 2023. He’ll be coming to the Dallas headquarters soon to be recognized and add his name to the Haul of Fame. Stay tuned for an update!

Frank Nagley

image of Stevens Transport 4 Million Mile Driver Frank Nagley

4 Million Mile Driver

Frank Nagley reached Stevens Transport most prestigious level of driver achievement, 4 million safe driving miles in November of 2023. Frank will be recognized on our Driver Haul of Fame at our Dallas headquarters in the near future.

Our 3 Million Mile Club Haul of Fame Drivers

graphic of three million miler awardee names

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