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Driver’s View Is Constantly Changing

Stevens Driver Enjoys The Ever-Changing Scenery

It’s His Office With A View!

Josh Karpilo Alliance Owner Operator-Trainer The view out Josh’s window is constantly changing and so can yours. Josh came to Stevens in 2013 with the intent to get his CDL through Stevens, complete his one year commitment, and then find a local driving job. After training with an Alliance driver that showed him how to be a successful driver with freedom to enjoy life, Josh decided to stay. Josh never drove as a company driver. He began his pre-Alliance driving immediately and qualified with flying colors. Well, black and red anyway. His driver trainer was in Alliance and encouraged him to take a serious look at all the advantages of being in the Contractor Division. Josh was also a successful trainer. He wanted to train others the way he was trained and give back to the transportation industry. After becoming an Owner Operator, Josh is just a few weeks away from making his last truck payment and owning his own truck. “If you’re looking for a lifestyle change, trucking affords you a paid mini vacation.” says Josh about the many advantages of being a truck driver. He is thankful he isn’t stuck in the same office or cubicle every day from 8am-5pm. He gets to go where he wants and experience various cultures around the country. The view out his “office” window is constantly changing and so can yours.

When Josh Karpilo first came to Stevens Driving Academy in 2013, his intentions were to complete his one year commitment and then return home to run local driving jobs. He always wanted to drive a truck, but he wasn’t sure about being an over-the-road driver.

It was after spending time on his trainer’s truck for those few months that he began to see how successful the program could make him. Josh’s trainer taught him how to be a successful driver with freedom to enjoy life and your career – which led to his decision to stay.

With the superior training Josh gained, he was able to run over 3,000 miles in his first 6 days as a solo driver and was encouraged to share his experience with others! After leasing a truck for a year, he decided to give back to the transportation industry and became a trainer. It makes Josh proud to know that he is passing on tips for success to the drivers of tomorrow. As for Josh’s experience as a driver trainer, he states:

Being a trainer not only makes you MORE money – it also makes you a BETTER driver!

Making Successful Transition To Owner Operator

Now that Josh is an Owner Operator, he is just a few weeks away from making his last truck payment and owning his own truck! He is thankful for a career that allows him to step outside of the usual nine to five work environment and instead experience the various cultures present around our country.

In truck driving today, it’s not just a 9 to 5 job but a lifestyle. It comes with its sacrifices and commitments. It’s what you do with those that determine the direction you’re going and how successful you become.

Ready for an upgrade to your daily view? Travel the country while transporting products that move it forward!