Image of Jackie Dunn holding award

2 Million Miles Safely Driven

Live it. Learn it. And be safe on the road

2 Million Mile Driver Discusses Learning To Drive Safely

“I think the best thing that I ever learned is that there’s a reason they have rules, policies, and procedures here at Stevens Transport,” said Jackie Dunn, our newest Two Million Mile driver. “When you’re young, you might think that Instructors are telling you to do something because that’s just the way they do it. But it’s not true. At Stevens Transport, everybody is focused on making this the safest career possible for the drivers and the motoring public. Once I figured out that everybody here was trying to help me – I started to really love this job.”

After serving in the military, Jackie Dunn joined Stevens Transport 18 years ago as a company driver. “I went through my CDL training right here in Dallas back in the late ’90s.” He started and has stayed as a company driver during his entire tenure here. “This company has always given me the miles to keep me in the green.”

Stevens Transport is the only trucking company that Jackie has ever worked for and when asked why he has never left, he said,  “The truth is, I would miss everybody here.  I’ve got some great friends here at the company.  This is a job like any other, and there will be some ups and downs.  But when people know you by name, and they say hi to you whenever you’re here – it makes you feel like you’re really a part of something.”

“When you safely run the kind of miles that Jackie does every month, it’s a testament to good training,” said Adrian Wheeler, Safety Director. “Drivers like Jackie are anchors for our fleet. They are dependable, safe, and great mentors for our newer drivers.”

Whenever I have a chance to talk to the newer drivers, I give them the same advice.  Learn it.  Live it.  And be safe on the road.

– Jackie Dunn, Stevens Transport Driver

Today, Jackie is on a dedicated run which gets him home more often. He is thankful for the financial security, good benefits, and 401K that he has earned over the years here at Stevens Transport. “I am also thankful for my wife. She makes it easy for me on the road because she’s taking care of the kids, the grandkids, and our animals!”

Published March 21, 2017