Image of red stage curtains with spotlights celebrating the 100th episode of the Stevens Transport Roadside Radio Podcast.

Celebrating 100 Episodes

The Evolution and Success of The Stevens Transport Roadside Radio Podcast

The Journey of the Roadside Radio Podcast

The Stevens Transport Roadside Radio Podcast recently celebrated a significant milestone—its 100th episode. What started as an innovative idea three years ago has blossomed into a popular and influential resource for truckers, their families, and anyone interested in the logistics industry.

Angela Horowitz, the visionary behind the podcast, recounts, “It’s been an incredible journey over the past couple of years… I could not be more thrilled with what we’ve accomplished in 100 episodes, over 100,000 downloads.” This remarkable achievement underscores the podcast’s growing influence and engagement.

“People that look forward to this every single week,” Angela continues, highlighting the podcast’s role in bringing the Stevens Transport community closer together. The podcast not only connects various departments within the company but also engages a broader audience that includes truck driving students, truckers’ families, and potential new recruits.

Reviving a Storied Tradition

The podcast concept was inspired by Stevens Transport’s earlier initiative—a radio station led by Major Logan. Angela reminisces about Major Logan’s impactful contributions, saying, “This guy was like the most incredible radio voice… it was, you know, unfortunately, Major Logan ended up relocating up to the Pacific Northwest.”

This transition left a gap that Angela was determined to fill. She saw the potential of podcasts as the modern equivalent of radio shows, which led to the birth of the Stevens Transport Roadside Radio Podcast. Angela explains, “When I was introduced to you [Tim] and the concept, I immediately got excited because I knew how great the radio show was.” The podcast is built on the foundation laid by its predecessor, offering a modern platform to disseminate critical information and foster a sense of community. This initiative has breathed new life into Stevens Transport’s communication strategies, ensuring they evolve with the times.

Diverse Content for a Diverse Audience

One of the most compelling aspects of the Stevens Transport Roadside Radio Podcast is its wide range of content. Tim Cicciarelli, the podcast’s host, reveals, “Providing me, the producer and lucky host of this show, tons of content to pull from and make it a variety show, almost. This could only work here.” From interviews with the company’s top executives to engaging conversations with entry-level drivers, the podcast offers an inclusive platform for all voices. Angela elaborates, “For those who have listened to the podcast over the various seasons, you’ve heard from the president, the CEO, to our newest entry level driver, to our diesel mechanics, to everybody in operations.”

This diversity in content ensures that the podcast remains relevant and interesting to a broad audience. Each episode offers something new, making it a weekly highlight for many listeners. Whether you’re interested in the technical aspects of trucking, want to hear personal stories from drivers, or are keen to understand the inner workings of the company, the podcast has something for everyone.

Striving for Continuous Improvement

Angela and Tim emphasize the importance of feedback for the podcast’s continuous improvement. Angela states, “When I was thinking about our hundredth episode, I thought, what have we not hit on that our listeners really want to hear about?” Tim adds, “I’m going to tell you what I really want to hear, and I’m being serious. I want to hear what maybe you don’t want to hear any more of. I want to hear it’s okay to get negative feedback.”

This openness to constructive criticism shows the team’s commitment to enhancing the podcast. By actively seeking feedback from their audience, they aim to ensure the content remains engaging and relevant.

A Global Platform with Local Roots

The Stevens Transport Roadside Radio Podcast has not only gained popularity in the U.S. but also internationally. Tim notes, “We get statistics. We know how many downloads, where the downloads come from, which platform… but we also see where our audience is. It’s not just America. We’re in Brazil. We’re in United Kingdom. We’re everywhere.” This global reach underscores the podcast’s universal appeal and its effectiveness in promoting Stevens Transport’s culture on an international scale. Despite its local roots, the podcast has managed to resonate with listeners worldwide, reflecting the universal themes of dedication, hard work, and community.

Fostering a Stronger Community

One of the podcast’s key goals is to foster a stronger sense of community among Stevens Transport employees and their families. Angela expresses, “I just wanted something to connect us all.”

The podcast has become a vital tool for achieving this goal. By featuring stories from a diverse group of employees, it helps bridge the gap between the different facets of the company. This connectivity is crucial in a 24/7 industry where employees are often thousands of miles apart. Angela adds, “We are the culture. We are the success stories, our history, and really connecting the inside of the wall and the outside of the wall.” This emphasis on connectivity and shared experiences helps build a stronger, more cohesive community within Stevens Transport.

Looking Ahead

The next 100 episodes of the Stevens Transport Roadside Radio Podcast promise to be even more exciting and engaging. Angela expresses her enthusiasm, saying, “I want to invite everyone to send in things that you would like to hear in the next hundred episodes.”

Tim concurs, emphasizing the importance of listener engagement for the podcast’s future success. “This is for you. This is not for us. This is not just because it’s fun to do, which it is. It’s for our audience to learn, to grow, to have community with each other.”

Their commitment to listening to their audience and continuously improving the podcast ensures that it will remain a valuable resource for Stevens Transport employees, their families, and truckers around the world. The podcast’s success story is a testament to the power of innovative thinking, community engagement, and the timeless appeal of storytelling.

Published June 21, 2024