Image of Bruce Eastling holding large check

2021 Runner-Up Company Trainer of the Year – Bruce Eastling

Bruce Eastling is our Runner Up Company Driver Trainer of the Year! Bruce, a Stevens Transport Driving Academy graduate, has been with Stevens Transport ever since he got his CDL here in 2010. Bruce had never imagined that he would be a member of the trucking industry. Having spent 27 years working at a paper mill, Bruce enjoyed his job, but as he got older, he was looking for a job that wasn’t so physically demanding. “I never thought I would leave my job at the mill, but the housing market crash was ultimately the push that I needed,” said Bruce. Having now spent over a decade as a professional driver with Stevens Transport, Bruce enjoys training new drivers to find success in this industry. “I nearly quit this job after six months, had it not been for my trainer, I may have, and I would have never experienced what I have. I think that experience is what got me into driver training. I want to guide others through a career change like my trainer did for me,” said Bruce. Outside of work, Bruce enjoys spending time with family in his hometown of sunny Gainesville, Florida.


Published May 19, 2022