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2023 Drivers of the Year Awards

Proudly Recognizing Our Drivers’ Efforts

Congratulations Stevens Transport Drivers of the Year

Stevens Transport, a leading multi-modal, temperature-controlled truckload carrier in North America, takes great pride in acknowledging the outstanding recipients of the 2023 Driver of the Year awards. The distinctive demands of time-sensitive truckload shipments position Stevens Transport as a logistics leader in the supply chain marketplace, necessitating the utmost performance from our dedicated driving force.

The individuals recognized with top honors this year have demonstrated an exceptional commitment, going above and beyond to meet our customers’ needs. Stevens Transport is privileged to showcase these drivers for their unwavering dedication and exemplary service. In addition to these top honors, we also welcomed fifty Million Milers to the esteemed Stevens Transport Haul of Fame.

Jeffrey Thomas

1st Place Company Driver of the Year

Image of Jeffrey Thomas

Please join us in congratulating our 2023 Stevens Transport Company Driver of the Year, Jeffrey Thomas! As one of our elite Haul of Fame Four Million Milers, Jeffrey is looked up to by many across Stevens Transport. Jeffrey had an incredible year of 133K miles and will celebrate 30 years with Stevens this July! When not on the road, Jeffrey enjoys all the time spent with family and relaxing.

“My dad has always been an extremely hard worker. He has instilled this same value into me and my siblings. It does not surprise me that he has been given the company Driver of the Year award for 2023. As a 2nd generation employee, it is truly an honor to watch my dad achieve such amazing milestones with Stevens. Stevens has given my dad the opportunity to have a superior career and, in turn, be able to accomplish his goals and dreams while providing for our family. I take great pride in the fact that I can share his journey with new drivers seeking a career with Stevens. He has given me big shoes to fill, and I can only hope to make him just as proud as he makes me. I am looking forward to seeing him break the next record by becoming Stevens Transport’s first 5 Million Miler. #1 company driver and #1 in my heart.” – Tyesha Thomas, Daughter

Congratulations, Jeffrey!


Shari Goss

Runner Up Company Driver of the Year

Image of Shari Goss

Our 2023 Runner Up Company Driver of the Year is Shari Goss! Shari, a member of the Stevens Transport driving force since February of 2019, graduated from Careers World Wide. She was drawn to a career in the trucking industry by a desire to make a better living and explore the country. Over the last five years, she has made it a reality! In 2023, Shari covered over 108K miles with a perfect service record, propelling her to win this great honor! We are grateful for Shari and everything she brings to Stevens! She is known amongst fellow drivers and everyone at Stevens as personable, resilient and undoubtedly committed. When off the road, Shari enjoys spending her down time getting her nails done and visiting friends.

Congratulations, Shari!


Carlos Rodriguez

1st Place Independent Contractor of the Year

Image of Carlos RodriguezLet’s congratulate our Stevens Transport Independent Contractor of the Year, Haul of Fame Three Million Miler honoree, Carlos Rodriguez! Motivated by his family and a desire to provide a stable and quality lifestyle, Carlos joined Stevens Transport in June 1999 after completing his CDL training at Stevens Transport Driving Academy. Carlos has been an Independent Contractor with Stevens since 2000 and has also spent time as a Driver Trainer. He recalls he had always wanted to be a truck driver, often spotting the Stevens Transport “shiny and polished trucks on the highways”. When he came across a hiring ad for entry-level drivers, he knew it was time to become a part of the trucking industry. Carlos attributes his success to his steadfast focus on safety and advises new drivers to always put safety first. Outside of work, Carlos loves spending time taking care of his family. He is also a proud owner of racehorses and enjoys spending time at the racetracks. Thank you, Carlos, for over 20 years of dedication and commitment!

Congratulations, Carlos!


Joseph Logue Jr.

Runner-Up Independent Contractor of the Year

Image of Joseph Logue Jr.

Our Runner Up Independent Contractor Driver of the Year is Joseph Logue Jr.! Joseph graduated from Truck Driver Institute in Sanford, FL. He has been part of the Stevens Transport family since February of 2015 and became an Independent Contractor in June of 2015. From 2016 – 2019, he spent time as a Driver Trainer and is now a team member of our Comfort Zone Dedicated fleet. He enjoys driving and being out on the road while also being able to get home often. In September 2023, Joseph was inducted into the Stevens Transport Haul of Fame as a Million Miler honoree. Along with his perfect safety and service record, Joseph had over 125K in 2023 has more than earned this great award! On his time off, he enjoys time with his family, especially his 5 grandchildren.

Congratulations, Joseph!


Mark Wolfhope

1st Place Company Trainer of the Year

Image of Mark Wolfhope

Please join us in congratulating the Stevens Transport Company Trainer of the Year, Two Million Mile Haul of Famer, Mark Wolfhope! Mark graduated with his CDL from the Stevens Transport Driving Academy and became a member of the Stevens Transport driving force in 2009, marking 15 years this September. Prior to becoming a driver, Mark worked in warehousing and while loading a truck one day, Mark struck up a conversation with a Stevens Transport driver piquing his curiosity. His Mother-in-Law, a former driver, encouraged him to look into transportation and he’s been on the road since! Soon after, Mark found his wheelhouse and has been a Company Trainer since February of 2011. He attributes having a great training experience and great trainers to why he’s been a trainer for over twelve years. He is open, relatable, and builds strong relationships with his trainees, enough to make wedding guest lists! Outside of work, Mark enjoys reading, knitting, and working on jigsaw puzzles.

Congratulations, Mark!


Scott Keeler

Runner-Up Company Trainer of the Year

Image of Scott Keeler

Our Runner Up Company Trainer of the Year is Million Mile Haul of Famer, Scott Keeler! Scott received his training from Roadmaster CDL School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He enjoyed the program and the knowledge shared by the instructors but Scott attributes his success to the excellent team at Stevens Transport who have been a consistent support system for him. Scott’s family is his main reason for his dedication and what encourages him daily. He is also motivated particularly by his two sons, for whom he works and lives to be the best example he can be for them. Although being away is challenging, he believes being a Company Trainer is also an opportunity for personal growth. His advice to new drivers is to stick with it, be resilient, and understand patience to really appreciate what is available. Scott’s hobbies revolve around spending time with his sons and together, they enjoy playing and watching sports and video games.

Congratulations, Scott!


Raymond Stephens

Independent Contractor Trainer of The Year

Image of Raymond Stephens

Please join us in congratulating Raymond Stephens, Stevens Transport Independent Contractor Trainer of the Year! A United States Army Veteran, Raymond came to Stevens Transport after the decision to change careers. Graduating from Stevens Transport Driving Academy, Raymond joined the Stevens Transport team and soon after went into training. He’s enjoyed everyone he’s met, trained, and continues friendships with many! Raymond was surprised and grateful for being named Independent Contractor Trainer of the Year. He encourages all to strive to be the best but always be open to learning more. He credits his success to strong work ethics and determination and shares these same characteristics with trainees.

Congratulations, Raymond!


Lianne Reyes-Collins

Runner-Up Independent Contractor Trainer of The Year

Image of Lianne Reyes-Collins

Our Runner Up Independent Contractor Trainer of the Year is Million Mile Haul of Famer, Lianne Reyes-Collins! A graduate of Roadmaster CDL School, Lianne has been an integral part of the Stevens Transport driving force since November 2010. As a dedicated I/C Driver Trainer, Lianne has successfully trained drivers for over 11 years and earned a spot in the prestigious Stevens Transport Haul of Fame, covering over 1.7M miles! Emphasizing safety and patience as her primary aspects of her successful driving career, Lianne shares her in-depth knowledge in her training approach. It has proven to be efficient and effective, reflected by the 149K miles in 2023. Outside of work, Lianne enjoys her leisure time by relaxing and watching Netflix.

Congratulations, Lianne!


David Browning

New Driver of The Year

Image of David Browning

Please join us in congratulating Stevens Transport New Driver of the Year, David Browning! David joined Stevens Transport in January of 2023 after graduating from Stevens Transport Driving Academy. His first experience driving came from his previous role as a diesel mechanic with test drives ensuring repairs were completed correctly. These test drives led him to a decision to make driving his next profession. Originally drawn to Stevens because of the cross-country driving during training, his loyalty to Stevens draws from quality time with other drivers in and around the Drivers Lounge, the newest equipment, and the overall support he receives. Honored to be named New Driver of the Year, he is grateful for his wife Rohan for her love and encouragement, his Trainer Tony Lombard for his knowledge and friendship, his Driver Manager Lindsey Crews and her constant support, and DMOL Devin Robillard, for his faith in David to be one of the best. David encourages other drivers to make friendships and to stay positive. He is certain his success this year was a team effort and would not have been possible without a positive attitude, the support from the Stevens Team, and his devoted family. When not on the road, David takes in as much time as possible with his family and spoiling his grandchildren!

Congratulations, David!


Lorenzo Martinez

Runner-Up New Driver of The Year

Image of Lorenzo Martinez

Our Runner Up Stevens Transport New Driver of the Year is Lorenzo Martinez! Originally from El Salvador, Lorenzo moved to Dallas in 2019. To give his family the best in life, he decided on a career in transportation and chose Stevens Transport Driving Academy because of its great and long-standing reputation along with the job potential post-graduation. He greatly appreciates the patience and encouragement he received from the instructors. Surprised and excited, this award reminds him he is on the right path and the recognition, to him, reflects his hard work to striving to be a great driver. He advises new drivers to stay true to driving and the experiences it offers. He believes it is about loving what you do and living and enjoying every moment! Lorenzo loves being a driver and is motivated to do his best each day while recognizing there is always more to learn. Grateful for his DM, dispatcher, and other truck drivers that contributed to his goal of being a great driver, he also appreciates the friendships made during school. Driving for Stevens has created reunion-like moments that have become great memories. When off the road, Lorenzo enjoys walking, playing soccer, and most notably, helping others.

Congratulations, Lorenzo!


Gerald Dubriel

Owner Operator of The Year

image of Gerald Dubriel

Please join us in congratulating the Stevens Transport Owner Operator of the Year, Two Million Mile Haul of Famer, Gerald Dubriel! Gerald joined Stevens Transport in July of 1997, following CDL training at Diesel Driving Academy. He came to Stevens Transport with only driving academy experience, but with his Driver Trainer, it laid the foundation for 26 years of success. Gerald has shared his knowledge as both a Company Driver Trainer and Owner Operator Driver Trainer and has achieved great success as a business owner. Driving over 2.7M miles is something Gerald is incredibly proud of. To this day, he believes his Trainer had much to do with teaching him how to respect the road, the motoring public, and to never take safety for granted, no matter how many safe miles you’ve traveled. Gerald always had a dream to be a professional over the road truck driver and he is deeply thankful to Stevens for the opportunities they have paved as his business partner. Gerald’s advice to all drivers is to be humble and listen carefully to the experienced drivers because it worked for him, and he believes it can work for others too. In his free time, Gerald likes spending time in the yard and relaxing in his recliner.

Congratulations, Gerald!


Reneal Young

Runner-Up Owner Operator of The Year

image of Reneal Young

Our Runner Up Owner Operator of the Year is Reneal Young! Reneal, a member of the Stevens Transport driving force since August of 2020, graduated from Stevens Transport Driving Academy. Reneal came to Stevens Transport with the intention of becoming an owner-operator. With a deep understanding on how to be successful in his career, fueled with his own drive and determination, Reneal covered over 120K miles in 2023, positioning himself among the best of Owner-Operators of Stevens Transport. His tremendous efforts contributed to earning this great award and being a factor to his plans of building his own fleet! When off the road, Reneal enjoys time with his family, friends, and trip planning the future.

Congratulations, Reneal!


Vance & Christy Wheeler

1st Place Team of the Year

Image of Christy and Vance WheelerPlease join us in congratulating the Stevens Transport Team of the Year, Vance and Christy Wheeler! Vance, a Two Million Mile Haul of Famer, started his career with Stevens Transport in 2010 after graduating from the Stevens Driving Academy. From 2011 – 2016, Vance shared his expertise and knowledge as a Driver Trainer. He is admired by many with a reputation that precedes him. In 2019, Christy made the decision to obtain her CDL at Stevens Transport Driving Academy. With their kids grown and moved out, Christy decided to join Vance on the road. This dynamic duo put it in drive and haven’t looked back! Christy credits the highly trained and knowledgeable team at Stevens for their success, individually and as a team. Her kind spirit complimented by her determination and personal strength, makes Christy someone we all should know. This year, The Wheelers, a highly respected team, went above and beyond to win this award, running over 250K miles! When not on the road, Vance and Christy enjoy traveling for fun, spending time with their kids and grandkids, and staying present in the moments of “just being home”.

Congratulations, Vance & Christy Wheeler!


Jack Rehmel & Thomas Legg

Runner-Up Team of the Year

Image of Jack Rehmel and Thomas Legg
Our Runner Up Stevens Transport Team of the Year is Jack Rehmel & Thomas Legg! Jack obtained his CDL at Careers World Wide in January 2019. He was a Driver Trainer for 16 months, beginning in September of 2019. Thomas, a graduate of Diesel Driving Academy, joined Stevens Transport in November 2020 and immediately moved into being a Driver Trainer. Jack and Thomas decided to team up in February of 2022 and have been a very successful team at Stevens! Spending most of their time on a dedicated route pulling time sensitive freight, they are consistently one of the top performing teams for mileage, utilization, and safety. When off the road, both enjoy time relaxing and spending time with their families.

Congratulations, Jack Rehmel & Thomas Legg!

Justin Higgs

Dedicated Driver of the Year

image of justin higgsPlease join us in congratulating the Stevens Transport Dedicated Driver of the Year – Kraft, Million Mile Haul of Famer, Justin Higgs. Justin, a member of the Stevens Transport driving force since September of 2013, graduated with his CDL from Careers World Wide. Throughout his years with Stevens, Justin has spent a total of six years as a Driver Trainer and is a highly regarded trainer within our driving force. Over the course of his career thus far, Justin has trained 53 students. Outside of work, Justin enjoys spending his free time grilling burgers, creating memories, and hanging out with his friends!

Congratulations, Justin!


Mike Calhoun

Runner-Up Dedicated Driver of the Year

Image of Mike Calhoun

Our Runner Up Stevens Transport Dedicated Driver of the Year is, Million Miler Haul of Famer, Mike Calhoun! In addition to his accomplishments as a Dedicated Intermodal Driver, we are incredibly proud of Mike’s two decades of service with Stevens Transport. Our dedicated customers love Mike and depend on him heavily to deliver on time, every time. Having also served in the armed forces, it is clear his character precedes him as he continues to be recognized as one of the best professional drivers at Stevens. His steadfast values and commitment greatly align with his success. Outside of work, Mike enjoys cooking with his family and time with his precious grandchildren. Stevens Transport extends much gratitude to Mike for his service to our country and his 24 years of service and commitment to the Stevens Transport Family.

Congratulations, Mike!

Congratulations, drivers!

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Published February 26, 2024