Image of Stevens Transport truck cab, close up

Achieving 2 Million Safe Miles

Great Truck Driver Training Lead To Two Million Safe Miles

Driver Don Smith Attributes Safety Success To CDL Training Process

Don Smith started driving a truck for Stevens Transport in April of 2000. He recently received his 2 Million Mile award and credits his success to following Stevens’ superior training. It was a couple of weeks after going on his own that Don realized just how important the training is. He now understands that the training is not for Stevens as a company but for the driver.

Stick to the training. It will work.

– Don Smith

Don learned that truck driving school taught him enough to get his license, but Stevens taught him how to drive a truck. They first offer you a job, then the offer you a career. They even teach you how to run a business.

After seeing all Stevens offers drivers, he knows he will never drive for anyone else. Stevens has everything any driver needs. He loves saying, “If you enjoy your work, you will never work a day of your life.”

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Published October 9, 2017