Graphic with text congratulations to our company drivers of the month for November 2023

December 2023 Drivers of the Month Awards

Proudly Recognizing Our Drivers’ Efforts

The Best of the Best For December 2023

Our outstanding service as a premier logistics and transportation solutions provider is backed by the dedication and hard work of our entire team, from back-office support staff to driving professionals. And the best of the best drive for Stevens Transport. The executive team of Stevens Transport is proud to announce and honor the driver award winners for the month of December 2023.

Corey Erwin

1st Place Company Driver of the Month

Congratulations to Corey Erwin, the Stevens Transport Company Driver of the Month! Corey graduated from Stevens Driving Academy in 2013 and immediately signed on as a company driver. After almost 11 years of driving, Corey still has high expectations for himself and is part of the acclaimed million mile driver Haul of Fame. In December alone, he drove over 12,000 miles! Corey’s decision to become a truck driver came at a time in his life when he was looking for a career change. He was not actually looking for a driving job, but the open road called his name. Corey recognizes that the nature of this job is not an easy one and strongly believes that what you put into it is what you get out of it, as he values the importance of hard work – even when one foot of snow sits in the way. Beyond work, Corey finds enjoyment in activities such as sightseeing, scrolling the internet, and watching movies.

Congratulations, Corey!


Michael May

Runner Up Company Driver of the Month

Image of Michael May

Congratulations to Michael May, our Company Runner-Up Driver of the Month! Michael joined Stevens Transport in June 2013, having successfully completed his CDL training at Stevens Driving Academy. As a one million miler and a Haul of Famer, he drove a challenging distance of 11,625 miles throughout December. Michael’s notable strengths as a truck driver lie in his extensive knowledge of knowing the road ahead, always planning for the unforeseen moments that can change your trip plan. Michael is dedicated to his professional driving career and provides exceptional customer service and communication. His efficiency, time-management, problem-solving abilities, and detail-oriented focus make Michael an asset to the Stevens team. Outside of work, he enjoys spending quality time with his family.

Congratulations, Michael!


Crystal Nelson

1st Place Independent Contractor of the Month

Image of Crystal NelsonAfter driving 11,252 miles in December, Crystal Nelson is our Independent Contractor Driver of the Month! Crystal found her way to Stevens Transport when she noticed the big rigs being used to train drivers at the local college located behind the facility where she worked, which shut down in 2021. As she looked for her next professional move, she found herself going back to the idea of driving one of those trucks she was so used to seeing. After some online research, Crystal ultimately chose to attend Stevens Driving Academy and has been an exceptional role model over the road with us for almost two years. Crystal likes to say that her favorite part of being an Independent Contractor is that almost every decision is up to her, she has mastered running her own business, always planning ahead finically and operationally. Her advice to other drivers is simple – always slow down and don’t let other trucks pressure you into changing what you are comfortable doing. When she is not driving, Crystal loves to read, play video games, and of course, plan her routes.

Congratulations, Crystal!


Hassan Assani Bisilongo

Runner-Up Independent Contractor of the Month

image of Hassan A. Bisilongo

Congratulations to Hassan Assani Bisilongo, our Runner-Up Independent Contractor Driver of the Month! Hassan had a great month to close out 2023, running just over 11,000 miles in December. Since joining Stevens Transport in 2016 as a company driver, Hassan had a clear goal of becoming an owner-operator, which he now counts as one of his proudest accomplishments. He commends Stevens Transport for providing an attainable path to ownership for dreamers like himself who are dedicated to hard work and success. Outside of work, Hassan finds joy in relaxation and exploring new restaurants.

Congratulations, Hassan!


Marcus Summerville

1st Place Grad Driver of the Month

image of Marcus Summerville

Congratulations to Marcus Summerville, our New Driver of the Month! Within just three months of graduating Stevens Driving Academy, Marcus is already racking up serious mileage! In December, he drove 10,491 miles, which is an outstanding feat for a new driver. Part of this passion and commitment comes from his excitement about professionally doing something he has always loved to do – drive and see the country! He credits his success and humbled approach to driving to the camaraderie of his instructors, trainers and overall support combined with the collective encouragement to cross the finish line to graduate. For new drivers, Marcus advises careful consideration of the challenges that come with a driving career, emphasizing the unique hardships and rewards that accompany this job. Marcus spends his free time exercising, spending time with family, snowboarding, and riding his motorcycle!

Congratulations, Marcus!


Diego Montemayor

Runner-Up Grad Driver of The Month

image of Diego Montemayor

Our Runner-Up New Driver of the Month is Diego Montemayor! Diego joined Stevens Transport in October 2023 after graduating from 160 Driving Academy in Corpus Christi. He is our runner-up of the month because of his incredible run of almost 11,000 miles with perfect service throughout December. He entered the trucking industry in search of adventure and loves that there is something new to learn each day about not only the nature of this job but about himself as well. He also says that he is committed to becoming a reliable and reputable driver for the company, emphasizing that patience and time management have been cornerstones of his quickly found success. When he’s not running miles by truck, he enjoys the time he spends running miles by foot!

Congratulations, Diego!


Nicolae & Vlad Pielea

1st Place Team of the Month

image of Nicolae and Vlad PieleaOriginally from Romania, Eastern Europe, Nicolae and Vlad are a father-son team who reside in Coconut Creek, Florida and are our Team Drivers of the Month by covering 18,891 miles in December. Nicolae obtained his American citizenship in 2020 and started driving with Stevens Transport in 2021. Less than one year into driving, Nicolae joined the Kraft Dedicated Team and his son teamed up with him in February 2023, upon graduating from Tampa Truck Driving School. Nicolae was drawn to Stevens Transport after researching a friend’s recommendation to train at Stevens Driving Academy. Although his son, Vlad, is just one year into driving, his most important advice to new drivers is to always get out and look when you are unsure of how close you are to an object, especially in inclement weather or at night. Being an over the road driver requires great responsibility, not only in the daily push of the job, but also in keeping the nation’s supply chain moving. Both father and son are off to an excellent future at Stevens Transport. Outside of work Vlad likes to watch YouTube videos and play video games and Nicolae likes playing computer games

Congratulations, Nicolae & Vlad!

Denzil Anderson

Owner-Operator of the Month

image of Denzil AndersonCongratulations to Denzil Anderson, our Owner Operator of the Month! Originally hired in August 2006, Denzil has been an integral part of the Stevens Transport team for almost 2 decades! Despite a few breaks, Denzil returned home to Stevens for good in March 2020. In December, he covered an impressive 11,429 miles with an impeccable service record, adding to his extensive career total of over 1.2 million miles and Haul of Fame recognition. Admired for his commitment to safety, Denzil is known for consistently meeting his deadlines, and adhering to the highest standards of professional driver excellence in all categories. Beyond work, he finds fulfillment in quality time with his family and friends.

Congratulations, Denzil!


Roddy Lambeth

Trainer of the Month

image of Roddy Lambeth

We extend our congratulations to Roddy Lambeth for achieving the well-deserved recognition of Trainer of the Month! A fourth-generation truck driver from Canton, Texas, Roddy has been an integral part of the Stevens Transport team since January 2022. Roddys’ grandfather started his own driving career with Stevens Transport over 40 years ago, when the company had a fleet of just four trucks. Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, it is apparent that Roddy has not only achieved great success in a short amount of time but is sharing his knowledge with others, keeping the legacy of his grandfather alive while helping Stevens to train future generations. Truly an amazing story and an amazing legacy. In December, he drove an impressive 15,618 miles, reflecting his commitment to not only his family’s past but his own future as well. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Roddy enjoys spending his time at home where he loves to fish the hours away!

Congratulations, Roddy!


Jeffrey Bolton

Runner Up Trainer of the Month

image of Jeffrey Bolton

Congratulations to Jeffrey Bolton, our Runner-Up Trainer of the Month! Jeff had long dreamed of professional driving but only pursued the open road once his children reached adulthood. Returning to the work force after retirement to drive, Jeff feels that this is truly his second calling. What he loves most about being an independent contractor is the freedom of owning his own business and the peacefulness he feels passing through this great country. In December, Jeff covered an incredible 13,933 miles, a strong showcasing of his commitment and dedication to hard work. When he’s not driving, Jeff loves to gardening as another therapeutic activity.

Congratulations, Jeffrey!


Fredie Hardy

1st Place Dedicated Driver of the Month

image of Freddie Hardy

Please congratulate Fredie Hardy for earning the title of Dedicated Driver of the Month! Fredie has collected many titles and achievements over his more than 25 years of driving over the road, at Stevens, including being a member of the acclaimed Million Mile Haul of Fame. Not only has he driven more than 2.6 million miles, but he has won multiple awards and accolades for his superior performance, dedication and commitment to excellence. As Dedicated Driver of the Month, Fredie continues to set the bar high and enjoys being part of the long legacy of the Kraft Dedicated Fleet. This past December, Freddie drove 12,045 miles solo, earning him this well-deserved designation. Outside of work, Fredie enjoys spending time with friends and family, often participating in cookouts.

Congratulations, Fredie!


Trung Nguyen

Runner Up Dedicated Driver of the Month

image of Trung Nguyen

Congratulations to Trung Nguyen, the Runner-Up Dedicated Driver of the Month! Trung joined our organization in January 2020 after completing CDL training at Stevens Driving Academy. Four years later, Trung now successfully manages his own business as an independent contractor while driving with the Kraft Dedicated team. In December, Trung covered an impressive 13,809 miles, and is more than halfway to reaching one million miles and joining the Million Mile Haul of Fame! Trung’s advice to new drivers is to build a strong reputation with operations and customers. He also emphasizes the importance of being reliable and staying calm, cool, and collected when circumstances are challenging. Organization is key as well as managing your time to get the job done. Outside of work, Trung finds enjoyment in dining out with family and friends.

Congratulations, Trung!

Congratulations, drivers!

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