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Harvey White was in search of a profession that would allow him the freedom he craved and one that would allow him to see the country. He found the transportation industry and instantly knew that he had found his new professional adventure.

While researching different companies to begin his new profession, Harvey found Stevens Transport, and believed that it was the best company that had much to offer to their drivers.

I saw how great of a reputation Stevens had amongst other drivers, and the state-of-the-art equipment that they offer their drivers was outstanding. There was no doubt in my mind that I would not attend Stevens once I obtained my CDL!

– Harvey White

Harvey attended Careers World Wide in Keenesburg, CO, and graduated in January of 2017 at the top of his class. Quickly after obtaining his CDL, Harvey joined the Stevens family and obtained the keys to his own solo truck in April of that year.

Decision To Be Contractor Division Driver

After two months of being a solo company driver, Harvey made the decision to join our Contractor Division. Harvey believed that joining the Contractor Division would not only help him learn more about how to run a business, but would help him further his truck driving career.

Harvey has enjoyed everything that the Contractor Division has provided for him, including his Driver Manager, Chris Nelson, and his Business Counselor, Mike Somer. “Both of these individuals have helped me in so many ways, and have done everything they could for me. I am so glad I have their constant support, and I cannot wait to continue my truck driving journey with them by my side!”

Becoming A Driver Trainer

In November 2018, Harvey made another career-changing decision and became a trainer for Stevens Transport. “After experiencing over-the-road training with my trainer, I knew that I wanted to become a trainer. When a student steps off of my truck, I know that I have taught them everything that I know and that they will be successful when they are out on the road.”

Harvey also reflected on the best advice that he offers his students when they are on his truck. “I always tell them to follow all of the rules of the road, as well as the company policies, and to always be safe. If they do all of this, they will not have many problems when they are on the road.”

John Reed, Harvey’s current student, spoke highly of Harvey and his training. “Harvey is a very hands-on trainer who is very knowledgeable in this industry. I hear great things about him before I got on his truck, and now I understand all of the hype around him! I am very blessed to have him as my trainer, and I can’t wait for him to see me when I go solo!”

When he isn’t delivering loads across the country with student drivers, Harvey enjoys doing things around the house, spending time with his family, and relaxing.

Thank you Harvey for your dedication and commitment as a positive role model for new drivers. Congrats on all of your success Harvey and we wish you continued success in the future!

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Published August 16, 2019