Image of Stevens Transport truck cab, close up

Driver Spotlight: David Hagens

Driver Returns Home to Stevens Transport

David Hagens decided to get his CDL through Stevens at Careers Worldwide in Colorado. This was mainly because Stevens would pay for his CDL schooling if he came back and drove for them. He feels like it was the best decision he ever made. After graduating, he started driving for Stevens as a company driver. Even though he had a great trainer and was making the miles he needed, he left after fifteen months because of personal problems.

When David started driving again, he started working for another company that made some promises that sounded good but ended up not being what he expected. After becoming just another number, he decided to come back to Stevens. He knew he would be part of a family and get the miles he needed to support his family.

When beginning orientation class the second time around, David was greeted by name by many people in the office who hadn’t seen him in over a year. This solidified his belief that he would not just be another number but would be a part of a family that knew him by name.

David also feels more secure working at Stevens, knowing they have never had a company layoff. He understands that America will always need what Stevens offers in the best or worst times. The Contractor Division at Stevens will also help him build and grow his own business so that he can succeed far beyond his dreams.

Having a wife and daughter now is a great motivator for working hard and sticking with his decisions. Stevens’ family atmosphere ensures him that he can be there for his family when they need him most.

David is glad he returned to Stevens and plans to lease a truck through the Contractor Division and then purchase his own truck to become an owner-operator with Stevens.

Published February 28, 2017