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Driver Spotlight: John Ellis

Becoming A Truck Driver Was Clear Career Choice

John Ellis grew up surrounded by trucks; members of his extended family were professional truck drivers. So when it came time to choose a career path, John knew that there was no clearer choice than becoming a truck driver.

John first received his CDL in 1999 and drove his first truck until 2004. Due to unforeseen circumstances, John had to release his CDL and leave his truck driving position. In October of 2017, John had the opportunity to receive his CDL again and didn’t let that opportunity slip away.

John attended Roadmaster Drivers School in Columbus, OH for CDL training and had the time of his life. “The instructors were amazing and my classmates were the best,” John said. “With my past trucking experience, I was able to add pass along some of the knowledge to both the instructors and my classmates. Everyone was very appreciative of it, and I was happy I was able to help in any way I could.”

I chose Stevens Transport because I really enjoyed their training model.

– John Ellis, Stevens Transport Truck Driver

After graduating from Roadmaster, John had no doubt in his mind about where was going to continue his second chance at his truck driving career. “I chose Stevens Transport because I really enjoyed their training model,” John said. “I have been through other training programs at other companies, and none of them were as thorough as Stevens Transport. Stevens Transport really set me up for success, and I could not see myself anywhere else!”

John stated that this time around, his truck driving experience has been exceptional. “Personally, the Qualcomm system is the greatest feature in the truck,” John said. “When I was driving my first time, I had to use maps and atlases to plan my routes and had to use payphones to call my Driver Manager. Now, I’m able to do all of that from the Qualcomm, which is great!”

Once John completed his training, John signed his first lease for a 2019 Freightliner truck and has been with the Contractor Division ever since. “I decided to start my own business because I loved the idea of being my own boss,” John said. “I always put 110 percent into what I do, and I saw that becoming an Independent Contractor was the right path for me to choose in my trucking career.”

John’s hard work every day has not gone unnoticed. “John is a very valuable asset not only to my fleet but to the company as well” Garrett Baeder, Driver Manager, said. “He always goes above and beyond with everything that he is tasked, whether it’s with his loads or his students. I can’t wait to see his continued success!”

Today, John has traveled across the country, delivering loads in 48 different states, and loves every minute of it. “This profession is not for everyone,” John said. “If you are thinking about it, just try it out; you may enjoy it, and then it won’t feel like work.”

When John is not in his truck, you can find him enjoying outdoor activities, such as hunting, fishing, and camping, or participating in a family reunion.

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Published August 1, 2019