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Driver Spotlight: Kenneth Williams

Truck Driving Is An Adventure, Not Just a Job!

“If you have to go to work every day, and we all do, you want to make sure you’re doing something you really enjoy.  For me, that’s driving my truck.”, said Kenneth Williams, Stevens Transport’s 2016 Company Driver of the Year.

After a dozen years working for a chemical company in the Houston area, Kenneth decided he needed a career change.  “There was nothing wrong with my job, it’s just that I was basically doing the same thing every day.  It was boring and unsatisfying, and I needed a change. I had never even been out of Houston.”

Enter professional truck driving.

I actually taught myself how to drive. And once I was driving, I realized this wasn’t just a job, but an adventure every week.

– Kenneth Williams

In 2011, Kenneth attended a Stevens Transport recruiting seminar in Houston, TX.  “Every driver on the road knows the Stevens trucks – they’re always sharp.” After meeting with a recruiter, he decided that he wanted to be a part of the Stevens Transport family.

The most enjoyable aspect of being a driver for Kenneth is the vast scenery he gets to see. “If you want to see the country, drive for Stevens. I believe that we need to see something different or life gets stale,” says Kenneth.  From the California beaches to the alligators in Florida, Kenneth has experienced many wonders from 48 states. “Now I’ve seen just about every part of America”.

As a Stevens Transport Driver of the Month and now Driver of the Year,  Kenneth looks for opportunities to speak to the younger generation. Qualities such as not being a quitter, looking for the good instead of focusing on the bad, and more. He recommends not relying on technology too much, but listening, using your head, planning your trip well and knowing your route. “Not everyone is made to be a truck driver. But you won’t know unless you give it a solid try”.

Kenneth has been married to a woman for 38 years who is supportive of his profession because of how much he enjoys it. “They don’t make women like that anymore,” says Kenneth. She is appreciative of how good Stevens has been to their family. With nine grandkids, they have a big family that means the world to Kenneth.

Kenneth feels like he has found the place he is going to stay until he retires.

Published March 13, 2017