Image of Stevens truck driving on road, city in the background

Driving 26 Years For Stevens Transport

Celebrating 3 Million Safe Miles

Driver Credits The Independence of A Trucking Career

Frank Nagley just received his 3 million mile award from Stevens Transport! Frank has been with the company for an incredible 26 years and continues to fuel forward with us behind him every mile.

Frank started his driving career with Stevens Transport 26 years ago when we were still located in the old building. He stepped foot on a trainer’s truck to begin his training when he arrived and never looked back – especially after the great training and superior equipment he was provided!

They’re good family people. The reason I stayed here so long is the support from the family. Through the ups and downs, I’ve been treated very fairly and they stood behind me in every aspect of my job.

– Frank Nagley

Frank suggests that you do not treat your job as just a paycheck. Put into it what you want out of it and you will be successful. Before he joined Stevens, Frank worked in the fast food and restaurant industries but wanted to try something different.

He wanted his independence to be out in the open, to himself, as a free businessman – and truck driving gave him just that! Frank enjoys being able to wake up on a different day at a different time and going all over the country to see different sights.

Frank exclaims about driving for Stevens Transport, “If you want your independence, especially when you’re young and starting out, it’s the perfect place for you!”

Congratulations for reaching 3 million safe miles and thank you for 26 dedicated years! The teams at Stevens Transport are behind you every mile!

Published February 21, 2018