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Million Miler David Miller Reaches First Milestone

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Stevens Transport truck driver David Miller recently accomplished a grand milestone that only a small percent of all drivers have accomplished – one million consecutive accident-free miles! “I’m glad that I accomplished this milestone surrounded by my second family,” David said. “After a while, the miles just started accumulating, and I didn’t even notice that I reached my million until I received the phone call.”

Searching for a new career move, David became very intrigued in the driving profession. After gaining more insight about the profession from multiple drivers, David knew that he had found his new calling. Soon after, he obtained his CDL from Houston Community College, and was on his way to Dallas, TX to complete his orientation and Over-the-Road training with his trainer.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training I received from both my instructors and my trainer,” David said. “They passed on so much valuable knowledge, information, and advice that it helped make my transition to being a solo driver that much easier!”

Five years later, David made the decision to expand his horizons with other companies, but ultimately returned to Stevens, and admitted the grass wasn’t actually greener. “I was very excited to return home to the safest company on the road, and was fortunate to be upgraded to a full driver with top pay! I’ve been loving every minute since, and look forward to spending the rest of my career here!”

Make sure you know how to correctly and safely, as that is the number one key to making money on the road.

– David Miller, Stevens Million Miler Driver

Along with the million miles that he accumulated, David also expanded his knowledge and passed along his number one piece of advice to those thinking about pursuing a career in this industry. “Make sure you know how to correctly and safely, as that is the number one key to making money on the road. Also, make it a point to keep safety as your number one priority, so slow down around curves, watch your downhill speed, and watch your speed in busy areas!”

Congratulations on your astounding accomplishment David, and we cannot wait to see what you will accomplish next!

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Published October 8, 2020