Graphic with text congratulations to our company drivers of the month for September 2023

September 2023 Drivers of the Month Awards

Proudly Recognizing Our Drivers’ Efforts

The Best of the Best For September 2023

Our outstanding service as a premier logistics and transportation solutions provider is backed by the dedication and hard work of our entire team, from back-office support staff to driving professionals. And the best of the best drive for Stevens Transport. The executive team of Stevens Transport is proud to announce and honor the driver award winners for the month of September 2023.

Robert Belford

1st Place Company Driver of the Month

image of Stevens Transport company driver Robert Belford

Congratulations Robert Belford, Company Driver of the Month! Robert, a 3-year army veteran joined Stevens Transport in July of 1995, following CDL training at Stevens Driving Academy. Over the course of his career, Robert has garnered great success and is a distinguished member of the elite Million Mile Club, recently hitting his 3 million miles! In the month of September, he ran over 12,000 miles. Robert feels hard work and strong work ethic is the key to his success. When Robert got out of the military, he applied to many companies and is thankful Stevens gave him an opportunity. For future drivers, Robert advises them to really think about whether they enjoy driving, and the adventure of life on the road and if they do, he highly recommends they become a professional driver. Robert has two beautiful daughters and two grandchildren. Outside of trucking, Robert enjoys playing video games online, chatting, and spending time with his family. Thank you for your service to our country and for decades of loyalty at Stevens Transport.

Congratulations, Robert!


Justyn Norris

Runner Up Company Driver of the Month

Image of Justyn Norris

Congratulations Justyn Norris, Runner Up Company Driver of the Month! Justyn joined Stevens Transport in October 2022, following CDL training at Georgia Driving Academy. In the month of September, he ran over 10,700 miles. Justyn is inspired to work hard to provide for his family, he plans on spoiling his 6-month-old daughter, and wants to give her everything life has to offer. Driving trucks was something Justyn wanted to do and after attending diesel technician school, he used his experience working in auto mechanics and welding to propel his career to becoming a professional CDL driver and thoroughly enjoys all the opportunities the trucking industry presents. Justyn’s advice to future drivers is to be mentally prepared; if you are strong mined you can do anything. In his free time Justyn enjoys playing basketball, playing video games, and continuing to hone his mechanic skills as he loves his cars and enjoys hanging in his garage surrounded by the roar of the engines in his garage.

Congratulations, Justyn!


Carlos Rodriguez

1st Place Independent Contractor of the Month

Image of Carlos RodriguezCongratulations Carlos Rodriguez, Independent Contractor Driver of the Month! Carlos joined Stevens Transport in June 1999, following CDL training at Stevens Driving Academy. Shortly after, in early 2000, Carlos became an independent contractor and quickly soared to the top of success. In the month of September, he ran 12,796 miles. Carlos’ main reason for joining the trucking industry, and specifically Stevens, was to increase his financial opportunity and stability to provide for his family and improve their future insuring a better quality of life. Carlos says he always wanted to be a truck driver, often spotting Stevens shiny polished trucks out on the highways. One day Carlos spotted an ad in the local newspaper that Stevens Transport was hiring entry-level drivers, and no experience was needed. He picked up the phone and the rest is history. Carlos attributes his success to constant focus on safety and advises new drivers to always put safety first. Outside of work Carlos is the proud owner of a few racehorses and enjoys spending time at the racetracks. Carlos loves spending time taking care of his family. Thank you Carlos for over 20 years of dedication and commitment!

Congratulations, Carlos!


Katie Coney-Wright

Runner-Up Independent Contractor of the Month

image of Katie Coney-Wright

Congratulations Katie Coney-Wright, Runner Up Independent Contractor Driver of the Month! Katie joined Stevens Transport in January 2022, following CDL training at Tampa Truck driving school. Katie feels much of her success today she owes to her driver trainer who took the time to teach her every aspect of her job. Not only did she enjoy all she learned she found that the trainer was patient and really made her experience a positive one. Katie was lured to Stevens as she searched for a new career that would offer her the freedom of not being tied down sitting behind a desk all day. Katie loves her new career and the many friends she has encountered along the way. In the month of September, Katie ran 12,154 miles and prides herself on being on time every time. Her advice is time management and trip planning is the best way of staying on top of all the obstacles of each load. Last June Katie took a big step and became an independent contractor. Her advice to new drivers is to ask a lot of questions, take notes from drivers with more experience, put in the effort, keep track of your surroundings, and always safety first. Outside of trucking, Katie enjoys family oriented activities, and as a native of Florida, loves the beach and all the activities the water has to offer.

Congratulations, Katie!


Terry Hood

1st Place Grad Driver of the Month

Image of Terry Hood

Congratulations Terry Hood, New Driver of the Month. Terry Jones Stevens Transport after obtaining his CDL training at Careers Worldwide in June 2023. In the month of September, Terry ran 9,714 miles and is just getting his feet wet. Terry loved the training program, found it very through, exposing him to all the aspects of the job. He felt his trainer was the cornerstone to getting off on the right track and finding success early in his new career. The freedom of being on the road and seeing America is what attracted Terry to Stevens Transport. Terry has 8 kids ranging from 3 months to 15 years old and wants to build a strong career to provide for his family. Terry’s advice for future drivers is JUST DO IT, take the risk, work hard and it will pay off. Being part of a national supply chain and supplying America with food, medicine and all the essential we appreciate makes Terry feel like he is serving his country while building a financially strong future for his family. Terry says the best thing about working for Stevens is they are very helpful; they make sure you are ready for any situation and go the extra mile to support their drivers in every way. In his my spare time he loves watching and playing sports especially basketball and football.

Congratulations, Terry!


Kingdom Elendu

Runner-Up Grad Driver of The Month

Image of Kingdom Elendu

Congratulations Kingdom Elendu, Runner Up New Driver of the Month! Kingdom joined Stevens Transport in June 2023, following CDL training at Georgia Driving Academy. In the month of September, Kingdom ran 10,335 miles and has a perfect service record. He was drawn to Stevens Transport by the exceptional career path it offers and the upward mobility potential he had read about on other Stevens success stories as he researched different trucking companies. Kingdom had one goal when he joined Stevens and that was to provide for the well-being of his family as he had been working in the warehousing sector that did not offer the upward mobility he was looking for and decided to make a career change. Kingdom enjoys exploring the country and makes the most of the opportunities presented to him. His advice to future drivers is to be patient, be willing to learn and always set a standard for yourself. Outside of trucking, Kingdom takes pleasure in dedicating time to his family, as well as striving for personal improvement and is always seeking avenues for enhancement.

Congratulations, Kingdom!


Karen Brosky & Robert Lashley

1st Place Team of the Month

Image of Karen Brosky and Robert Lashley Congratulations Karen Brosky & Robert Lashley, TEAM of the month! Karen joined Stevens in October 2017 and became an independent contractor in 2020, while Robert joined Stevens in February 2023. They both attended CDL training at Tampa Truck Driving School. In the month of September they ran 22,741 miles with a perfect service and safety record. Driving as a team is enjoyable and they share the responsibility equally and have become great partners. What attracted Karen to truck driving is the freedom of being on the road and the adventures that are new every day. Robert says, his decision to pursue a career as a truck driver was driven by a financial need at the time, and found that being a professional truck driver provided an accessible path to his goals of achieving financial success and stability. Both say they are thankful to Stevens and the operations team for always keeping them moving. The care and concern they feel from their driver managers to planners and beyond is one they truly value. Outside of trucking, Karen enjoys hiking and seeing the wilderness. Robert loves working and listening to books.

Congratulations, Karen & Robert!

Gerald Dubriel

Owner-Operator of the Month

image of Gerald DubrielCongratulations Gerald Dubriel, Owner-Operator of the Month, Gerald joined Stevens Transport in July of 1997, following CDL training at Diesel Driving Academy. In the month of September he ran 11,006 miles and over the past 25 years has built a reputation as being the best of the best. Gerald joined Stevens because they were the first to call when he was applying at different companies. Gerald came to Stevens with no experience and his training experience, with his driver trainer him taught him a lot, laying the foundation for 25 years of success. Gerald has been a driver trainer as a company driver and owner operator and has achieved ultimate success as a business owner. Achieving over 3 million miles is something Gerald is incredibly proud of and to this day he feels his trainer had much to do with teaching him how to respect the road, the motoring public and to never take safety for granted no matter how many safe miles you’ve traveled. Gerald always had a dream to be a professional over the road truck driver, and he is deeply thankful to Stevens for the opportunities they have paved as his business partner. Gerald’s advice to drivers is to let the attitude go, listen to experienced drivers, it worked for him and it can work for others too. Gerald says “Take your time and never be in a rush no matter where you are going, your destination will always be there so drive in your comfort zone. In his free time, Gerald likes doing yard work and sitting relaxing in his recliner.

Congratulations, Gerald!


Kevin Collins

Trainer of the Month

Image of Kevin Collins

Congratulations Kevin Collins, Trainer of the Month! Kevin joined Stevens Transport in February 2019, following CDL training at Stevens Driving Academy. Kevin had two great trainers, both of whom equally taught him how to navigate the road ahead, how to be successful, how to manage your hours to insure the load delivered safely and on time. Kevin appreciates what his trainers passed to him and enjoys paying it forward in helping his students become successful. Kevin knew he had a lot to offer new drivers and the patience to teach and coach future generations of Stevens drivers. Kevin has helped improve our training through providing valuable feedback first hand. In the month of September, Kevin ran 16,741 miles. What brought Kevin to Stevens was the encouragement he received from his brother who convinced him to become a driver. Looking back had he know the enjoyment and success he has had he would of done it sooner. For new drivers, those considering making a career change, Kevins advice is to just try it, either truck driving is for you or it’s not. A Stevens memory that stands out for Kevin is just after his 6 month anniversary, his mother passed away and Stevens made sure he got home immediately and stood by him in a very difficult time in his life. Furthermore, Kevin had gotten very sick and his dad passed at the same time and his family at Stevens took care of him which in turn made him feel like although his parents had passed he was appreciative of finding the Stevens family who has always been by his side through good times and bad. Outside of trucking, Kevin enjoys throwing darts and going on cruises.

Congratulations, Kevin!


Samuel Alexander

Runner Up Trainer of the Month

image of Samuel Alexander

Congratulations Samuel Alexander, Runner-Up Trainer of the Month! Samuel joined Stevens Transport in January 2014, following CDL training at Lone Star in Houston. Samuel then took the chance to be his own boss and became an independent contractor in June 2014. In the month of September, Samuel ran 14,199 miles. Samuel attributes much of his success to his trainees who he says helped him to achieve this award. HE enjoys each student and all the relationships he has made as a trainer. Giving back his knowledge and experience makes him feel good, he is doing his part in creating a successful career for others. Trucking runs in the family says Samuel so it was a natural fit for him as he grew up wanting to carry on the legacy of being heroes of the road. Samuels advice to new drivers is take it one day at a time and trust the process. Samuel feels he is supported by the best team of individuals in the contractor division and training department. What he loves most about Stevens is the opportunity to drive the newest equipment, the consistent miles, which creates a strong and steady paycheck. Samuel has completed several leases in the past 9 years and receiving the lease completion bonus checks are always a highlight. Outside of trucking, Samuel likes to go with his wife to the casinos to play blackjack and they enjoy taking vacation cruises to kick back and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Congratulations, Samuel!


Frank Nagley

1st Place Dedicated Driver of the Month

Image of Frank Nagley

Congratulations Frank Nagley, Dedicated Driver of the Month! Frank, a proud army veteran, joined Stevens Transport in June 1992 following CDL training. Frank is a legend at Stevens Transport and has been with us for over 30 years, 3 decades of professional service and commitment is unique and we are very grateful to have Frank as a valued part of the Stevens family. Frank is also an accomplished 3 million miler and has helped so many others over the years learn the tricks and tips of being successful. Frank became a truck driver when he got tired of the restaurant business and wanted to try something new. Frank is incredibly grateful to his family for always supporting him in his career path and equally appreciative of many of the Stevens family members who have helped him over the years. Frank could write an amazing book about his incredible career as a professional driver at Stevens and it would be a best seller! Frank’s advice to those considering making a career change is to always pay attention to safety, focus on what you are doing and make the right decisions. Never get complacent, there is no such thing as a super trucker or perfect driver. Make every mile you drive as serious as the first time you sat behind the wheel. Stevens has always made sure he had plenty of miles, got home when needed, supported him in every endeavor and had a open door policy and for that he is very thankful. Stevens takes care of all drivers but are especially accommodating to senior drivers and go overboard to make sure in any situation they are here to support you. What he loves most about being a professional driver is the freedom and independence he feels on the road. Outside of trucking, Frank rides motorcycles and plays with his cars and loves spending time with his family and friends. From the bottom of our hearts we thank Frank for 30 years of dedication hard work and loyalty.

Congratulations, Frank!


Clayton Bryant Jr.

Runner Up Dedicated Driver of the Month

Image of Clayton Bryant Jr.

Congratulations Clayton Bryant Jr., Runner Up Dedicated Driver of the Month! Clayton joined Stevens Transport in December 2008, following CDL training at Georgia Driving Academy. In the month of September, Clayton ran 13,035 miles. Clayton joined Stevens Transport and says it was the first company to give me an opportunity. Prior to Stevens he was working two jobs to make ends meet and had always wanted to drive a truck. Becoming a professional driver was one of the best choices Clayton says he has made in my life. This career and Stevens have given him the financial success he had always wanted and allowed Clayton to provide for his family in so many ways. Clayton attributes his achievements to his profound motivation, which centers on providing the utmost for his 14-year-old daughter and aspiring to secure the very best for her. Claytons’ advice for new drivers is always communicate, you can be successful with the right Driver Manager and team. Always put safety first and never take the road for granted. Outside of trucking, Clayton has a passion for music, particularly in collecting vinyl records. Last year Clayton accomplished building his dream home and loves spending time with his daughter and family. Thank you Clayton for 15 years of partnership and for always going above and beyond!

Congratulations, Clayton!

Congratulations, drivers!

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Published November 2, 2023