Image of Stevens Transport truck in parking lot

Stevens Drivers Help Girl Scouts Earn a New Badge

The Girl Scouts of America have a slogan, “Do a good turn daily,”  and last week, about 80 South Texas Girl Scouts earned a patch and had a chance to practice truck turns on simulators during a “Scouts in Trucking” event.

Stevens Transport Team drivers Amie Moeglin and Charles Goldman volunteered to showcase their truck for local Girl Scouts at the event held at Del Mar College Transportation Training in Houston, TX.  Amie shared her experience as a woman in the trucking industry and encouraged all the Scouts to “follow their dreams and don’t let anything or anybody hold you back”.

“All of the troops were really excited about the event as well as having the opportunity to earn the Women In Trucking patch,” said Brenda Crawley, leader of Garcia Elementary Troop 96026. “The program is only offered every two years with Women in Trucking providing the curriculum and the patch, so we’re truly grateful to have the opportunity to work with Del Mar College and their training program to provide our Girl Scouts with this hands-on learning experience.”  Cervantes added, “’Scouts in Trucking’ is all about girl empowerment and enrichment and letting participants know there are many options open to them.”

Amie and Charles set their truck up so that the girls were allowed to sit in the driver’s seat, take pictures and, of course, honk the horn. Every young lady walked away with a smile on her face.   “I love having a chance to share my story with other women.  And when you see how excited these girls were, you know that there are going to be more women in the industry soon.  I’m very thankful for WIT and to have a chance to meet all these kids”, said Amie.

Founded in 2007, Women In Trucking is a non-profit organization focused on the transportation and logistics industry. Their mission is to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments and minimize obstacles faced by women working in the industry.

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Published May 8, 2017