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Stevens Transport Drivers on YouTube – OTR Diva

Driving for Stevens Transport & Sharing Experiences from the Road.

How does one driver interact with friends, family, and followers all at once? By creating his or her own YouTube channel. As the second-most used search engine on the web, YouTube’s easy-to-use video platform is a natural fit for today’s technology-driving truck driver. Stevens Transport has at least five current drivers who’ve created their own unique YouTube channels and building audiences. They each have their own reasons for turning on the camera and sharing a part of their life with the world.

This is the first of several profiles will be sharing of our Stevens Transport YouTubers. Each driver brings a unique perspective to the world of trucking and a different background. Our first profile is from a female driver with a lot of personal style. OTR Diva started her YouTube channel to share her experience about joining Stevens Transport as a female driver. As an avid YouTube user, she noticed a lack of information from drivers about the orientation and how new drivers should prepare for the over-the-road training phase. She wanted to chronicle her experience and add the female perspective to professional truck driving. OTR Diva started driving for Stevens Transport in September 2018 after completing her company-sponsored CDL training at Tampa Truck Driving School. And long her journey, she is sharing her experiences in hopes that others can learn from it. Her biggest piece of advice to new truck drivers is a safety motto that’s been around for years, but it relevant every single day, “Get Out And Look.” As OTR Diva likes to reminder her viewers in every video, “safety begins with you.”

The team as Stevens Transport is so proud to have dedicated, safety-conscious drivers like OTR Diva not only sharing their experiences from the road but reminding every to always keep safety top of mind. Her channel popularity and audience are growing and we’re looking forward to following her journey. Check out the OTR Diva on YouTube.

Published February 1, 2019